• The Taj Mahal is India's pride

    The Taj Mahal is a world heritage side.It is so beautiful and old.People come from different countries just to visit the Taj. It is so shameful that people are seeing green patches,algae and yellow marble.The Taj is India's pride and not only the government should take care of it we being Indians should take care of it.

  • Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hell yeah k

    Taj mahal should be preserved because it is what India is known for… Not The TajMahal but its Diverse culture, its heritage sites , etc…

    India is one of the most diverse country in this world and excepts almost every kind of People no matter what is their Religion, caste or any other Ground!

    Now Taj Mahal Should be preseved because it is a historical monument and Depicts a Love Story between Shahjahan and His wife Mumtaz..

  • Yes save the Taj Mahal

    I think we should save the Taj Mahal because Shah Jahan loved his wife and built it for her...And yes he cutted the hands of the workers but only because no one else cant build it....And i know people are gonna hate on me because they think we should spend this money on the poor people in India...Well there are Billions of homeless people and i know we should help them but theres alot of people to spend money for so we should spend it on the Taj Mahal...Plzzz save the Taj Mahal!

  • If your a boss save the Taj Mahal!!!!

    The Taj mahal is a tomb built by Shan Shahan for his wife and it also represents history and if it is destroyed history will be lost forever think of this what if there was gold in the taj mahal?? What if they gave you half of what the found remember once history is destroyed it is hard to find it again.

  • It has great history

    It has wonderful history that younger generations like me need to know. If it is destroyed there will be tons of unknown history will be lost.
    One other reason is India will lose allot financially and physically.There will also be allot more protest and fights for India and the world as well

  • Yes it would be

    If it wont be pRESERVED 1000000 of peaple will never be able to know about the history of taj mahal history of india . India is famous because of taj mahal .If it would be destroyed no will be able to know about india please save it not for peaple but for india!

  • Yes taj mahal

    It is a landmark which has been recognised by the United Nation (UNESCO) because the Taj Mahal is a tourist site and it is important to the collective interests of humanity. It should be conserved because it tells a story about how emperor Shah Jahan built a tomb for his favourite wife.

  • YES, its worth it

    Monument to Love

    The Taj Mahal should be saved because it is a monument to love and, tells a

    history about emperor Shah Jahan and his favorite wife. One reason is that in the text it

    states “To honor his wife, Shah Jahan decided to built a tomb so magnificent that it

    would be remembered throughout the ages.” therefore people should be impressed how

    Shah Jahan build a giant tomb for his favorite wife.

    Architectural Design

    It is an architectural marvel because in the text it states “It was constructed of

    bricks covered with marble and sandstone with elaborate inlays of precious and

    semiprecious stones.” in other words it should be preserved.

    Counter Claim

    Some people think the Taj Mahal should not be preserved, but although it caused

    many problems, those problems have many solution. For example, you can clean up

    after yourself instead of throwing your trash on the ground or river being lazy. Also

    people who think the Taj should not be preserved just know Shah Jahan’s favorite wife

    died during childbirth. This is why it should be preserved.

    This is why the Taj Mahal is important and should be saved. People should be

    impressed of how emperor Shah Jahan built a magnificent tomb for himself and for his


  • We should save Taj Mahal

    We should save Taj Mahal because it's a monument of love And it's already build so you have to save it there so many people in one here can't to see the Taj Mahal and take about 21 dollars to go inside and for one year they can make lots of money

  • Its Beautiful flaws and all

    The Taj has an important meaning.The meaning of love and power.Who would want 17 years of work to be wasted.The Taj has been here for a very long time,it should be preserved.It holds a natural beauty if we want to keep it we need to start to help the Taj Mahal and India ,they are part of our world.Its important.

  • Hell no to the no

    The taj isnt a symbol of love the emperor and the queen were having a rough time together so as a forgivness present people were forced to build it and if people slacked they would be murdered and also it stands for love it also stands for the 49.90 precent divorce average

  • Economical Progress Is Dropping

    No the Taj Mahal should not be saved. Why? Because India is a poor country! They have factories that make money! M.C Mehta is closing them down (legally). With this India will become even more poor. Besides the person the monument was for, is dead! They can build just like a little beautiful shrine and relocate the body.

  • No way this is important!

    The Taj Mahal is a building India. That place yes was special, and meant to be a romantic place, but is it really? Come on, the Taj Mahal has taken up so much of the Indians' money. It has taken up too much minerals, time, and tools. The people of India are losing jobs and houses to preserve this piece of rock and mineral. Really? Its not worth the time!

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  • Say No To The Taj Mahal

    We should not save the taj mahal because to much attention is paid to the taj mahal. Their is coloring and its deteriorating, ubehfcuiybcuihcru ehfuebcrufiwebrbfe cinequcrbip xy pdsccefybfcagybpefpybfdyubpibdfuypibducfdfa cf udfiscynufsduyicfsuyiefb fbuyiadfsuifds asdf8udfshnudsfy8 sdaf8uydfs asdfbdsaf dfbadfg fn hngnd jvhmvjyv b hmbjy y y bghb h h h hj jug bu kubku njnk nktu knu kntu knu knu n jun ku nku nk

  • Illuminati warning !

    Whoever is seeing this you must know that the illuminati is seeing whatever you say. The government is the illuminati and they do no care for the taj mahal. If the government doesn't care then why should we. This is the truth. You may not believe this message but soon the government will reveal that they are working with aliens.

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  • The Taj Mahal shoud not be saved!

    Our govement will be wasting time energy and money just worrying abut the Taj Mahal. There are other places that are going through the same problem but nobody wants to save them so that is wrong.Its either we try helping all the places or not try to save any of them.

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  • Think about the people the people

    India is not a rich country . Instaed of using the money on the Taj they can be using the money on the people of india. Also, the person who created the Taj Mahal was a very cruel person. He cut of the fingers off the architects to prevent them from creating another structure like this. So I belive that the place is not romantic at all.

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