Should the taking of steroids be an accepted practice in athletics?

  • Yes, because it permits to achieve the best performance and is not so dangerous when it is used right way.

    This is very complicated theme... There is a lot of bad deductions about using steroids. Steroids do not make duty instead of athlete. He must still work out so hard. Steroids only allow him to train harder and more often, because it accelerates regeneration. More talented athlete on steroids will be always better than less talented athlete on steroids. Very bad and dangerous thought is that you can be equally good without steroids if you will train as hard as you can. A lot of people do not realize, that exaggerated training without sufficient rest leads to overtraining which can ruin your health for years or whole life. On the opposite side is taking steroids without sufficient knowledge and medical supervision. Both is stupid. According to my opinion the best way is using steroids under medical supervision with support of experts . It can allow to athlete to achieve best performance with minimal risk of health harm. Professional sport is not about health. It is about performance and is more safer do it with knowledge and steroids under control. Of course, normal people should avoid it, because it is unnecessary risking with health anyway. But... Do you really think that taking hormones is stupid and only idiots do it? Tell it to your wife, which is taking hormonal contraception for long years...

  • Steroids Should Remain Out Of Athletics

    I believe one of the purposes of athletic programs is to give players an even playing field where each individual athlete is just as well prepared as the other. I think it is also about displaying the bodies abilities and what a person can do, if they train. I think steroids rip these principles apart. I do not believe steroids should become an acceptable practice in athletics. It leads people to do unhealthy drugs.

  • Only idiots take drugs. Like Powell, Gay and Lance Armstrong.

    The athletic event is about the runners not about how many steroids they have taken. As a spectator it is devastating to hear your hero being caught taking drugs and stripped of his medals. I would rather see a clean race where a runner runs 10 flat than someone who contains steroids run 9 flat.

  • No, the taking of steroids is not an acceptable athletic practice.

    The taking of steroids in athletics is bad in a variety of ways. First it makes the playing field unequal because a more talented player without the monetary access to steroids will lose out to a less talented athlete who has more money. Secondly, steroids bring a large amount of health risks to athletes.

  • The taking of steroids should not be an accepted practice in athletics.

    Steroids are a form of cheating and they should not be allowed for athletes. If athletes are allowed to take steroids, it ceases to be a competition of body and mind and it becomes a competition between who can buy better drugs. Steroids are also harmful for people's health and they can make you sick.

  • Sports are as popular as ever, don't allow Steroids or Deer Antler Spray

    The only need to allow steroids in sports would be if the sport needs popularity. Most would agree that athletics is at a high point, though of course some minority sports such as handball might allow steroids as a form of advertising that that said sport (aka a minority sport) allows steroids for users.

  • No it shouldnt.

    I know a lot of athletes take steroids to get better at their game, but if you allow them then it will force all athletes to take steroids. There need to be no steroids so that if you are an athlete that doesn't want to put that stuff in your body, you can still be compettiive if you're talented enough.

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