• It's not considered a food

    Food and prescriptions, depending on the state you live, are the only commodities that is not taxed. In general if it is not life sustaining, it is taxed. Diapers, condoms, band aids, shampoo, soap, candy, in some areas junk food are taxed. Tampons are not life sustaining and there are alternative reuse products on the market and historical methods available to deal with flow.

  • Posing another question

    Did someone make it for you?

    Comdoms are taxed, foods are taxed, Gas is taxed, Heck, winning money is taxed, Clothing is taxed in some states, and not in others.

    Your ST's are taxable, My reasoning here is that adult diapers and baby diapers are taxed. They pretty much serve the same function (to catch unwanted or uncontrolled bodily functions in as hygienic way as possible).

    They're taxed. It's a consumer good, and though disgusting... They're not technically necessary for your well being.

  • No one's forcing you

    No one is forcing you to use ta*pons. There are other options for periods, including me*strual cups, sea sponges, and DIY options like toilet paper and regular sponges. Toilet paper, for that matter, is taxed, as is soap. People "need" these just as much as they might need feminine products.

  • Sometimes Reusable stuff is better & Toxic Shock Syndrome

    Maybe if women bought the reusable menstrual products, then there wouldn't be such a problem of taxing things. This is why the non-reusable feminine hygiene products are a luxury, the basic need, in this situation, of a woman is to be able to protect themselves from the embarrassment of that type of situation. The basic level of this is a reusable tampon/pad/cup/towel.

    Sources suggest that more women die from having tampons versus not having them. Approximately 5 women die from Toxic Shock Syndrome (the infection that occurs when a woman has a tampon in for such a long time that she becomes sick and if not treated, can die) every year.

  • I did not think that this was an issue

    I appreciate the fact that women have "no other option" , however that option is a quality of life argument, not a necessity.
    There is a validity to the fact that everything similar is taxed, so to what extent is necessity going to be extended?
    Should toilet paper not be taxed since it is universally 'needed'?
    Or income?
    Or is it just on things that a gender has but the other does not?
    Like grooming products>

    Asserting that tampons are just as vital to our lives as food is quite an exaggeration. I have seen more people die from using tampons than from not using them, which I would guess somewhere close to zero.
    Though there have been many dying from lack of food.
    Though I don't agree exactly with the term "luxury item" I do agree that it does not qualify as essential any more than other personal hygiene products. An argument could be made if other personal items were non taxed, but specifying this one is not a valid one.

    Evidence... While the modern tampon can be traced to roughly 1929, and the dawning of improvised tampons all the way back to the 5th century B.C.. There we women living before that, so it must be true that you can live without tampons...
    Not very happily i would imagine, but live nonetheless

  • Of Course Not

    In a women's entire life she spends about $9,405 on her period. That means $209 each year for 45 years or more. THEY ARE NECESSARY. Whether you like the idea of that or not it is true. Many women who are are not abundant in money do not have the money to pay for the tax. Therefore, they have to go through their lives, seven days a month, for 45 years, bleeding all over themselves, smelling worse then they already do, and making their lives more miserable then it could've possibly already been. The only people who say there should be a luxury tax on tampons are the people who have never had blood come out of their vagina, for god's sake they don't even have a vagina. Until men try having a period, they will never know why they are necessary.

  • No no no

    The tampon tax is pointless. No girl should have to spend millions because she was born with a period so that we can have children. It is unfair even president Obama said that it was probably only because only guys were the ones there and no girls were present to stand up.

  • No!!! No!! No!

    Why the hell would we pay tax for tampons?? We cannot help the fact we get our periods!!! It is a natural occurrence given by mother nature! Us girls have to put up with enough without having to pay tax for these "luxury" items which we cannot control! I do not recall EVER speaking to someone and them saying that having a period is great and luxurious like a holiday lel

  • No their shouldn't be

    Well it's for a specific reason, taxing it will make MANY feminists, and females angry. Not only that, their will be all these protests and debates, and in the end females will end up not using anything in protest, and do men and women REALLY want blood all over the streets? Hopefully not, therefore taxing would not only be stupid, (no one could get away with it), but also it is discriminating against females. Men don't have tax on their hygienic items. Let's tax them maybe?

  • Females have no other option.

    Females have no other option but to buy tampons when they are on their period. What else are they to do? Bleed all over themselves for 7 days a month? Tampons are mandatory to our lives. Why are we taxed for buying something that is just as vital to our lives as food and water during this week? It is unfair that just because we are female and have this body function that needs a tampon which allows us to continue with our lives as normal, that we have to pay extra.
    Many women are on a tight budget and the fact that we have to pay this extra few pounds a month is extremely unjust.

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  • It is ridiculous not to use them

    Clothing is often tax-exempt, and tampons are at least as necessary. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

  • Jesus Christ, hell no!

    What the actual hell? Okay, some women actually can't afford the taxes we put on tampons and pads. It's not a luxury item like a fancy Swedish dinner or a 600 dollar dress. It's a necessity. Unless, of course, you want women to bleed everywhere. Y'all are crazy. Peace out ✌🏽

  • Tampons are a necessity but are taxed as a luxury item.

    Tampons are necessary for feminine hygiene. Additionally, if men are not taxed on Viagra, which is not a necessity, why should women be taxed on something they need to prevent infection? Plus, low-income women cannot afford menstruation supplies if they are taxed. Comparing the tampon tax to condoms is illogical as having sex is a choice whereas having your uterus disintegrate inside yourself is not a choice.

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