Should the tax exemption for Internet sales be maintained permanently?

  • We already have to wait for the product and pay for shipping in e-commerce. The only advantage online stores have are they are often cheaper.

    If tax is added then the product becomes equal if not more than a b+M store, e-commerce will dry up completely. By adding taxes you are giving stores an unfair advantage of speed, at the same or cheap cost (no shipping). B+M are lobbying for this, as they hike price up to maximum gain for a product which cost a fraction to produce.

  • Exempt Internet Sales

    The tax exemption for Internet sales should become a permanent thing. People shouldn't have to pay taxes on what they buy online. In some cases, they don't even know what state or city the seller or buyer is in. This is true for applications, software, and other non-tangible items that don't have to be shipped.

  • International COMPETITION will be cheaper

    How will the US based companies will compete against international businesses that will not be subject to this tax? We need to leave the international alone. Every business can build a website to sell items. This will simply result in losing revenue to overseas competition. States will not see the money they hope for. Will they also tax intangible goods like downloads?

  • A sales tax on internet purchases is not about "fairness" to brick and mortar businesses

    The internet sales tax idea is being pushed as if it will be beneficial to brick and mortar stores; as though there is any significant inequity. One needs to remember that taxes--every last penny--go to sustain bureaucrats and do little for businesses. If our brilliant leaders (maximum sarcasm intended) truly want to level the alleged inequities in the sales and marketing, they could do more by eliminating the sales tax for the brick and mortar businesses ... And then get rid of the bureaucrats whose operations require so much funding (too much of our bloated government--fed, state, and local--is like a self-licking ice cream cone).

  • this is a tax.

    Definition of a tax: a payment to the government for services rendered. What new service are we being given? And do I need it. Do I get a choice These so called online business usually have store fronts and they pay local and other taxes already. If you order it cost shipping and handling- and now taxes ?

  • No Internet Sales Tax

    Our tax system is too complicated. Let's not complicate it further. Also, The tax advantage of internet sales is eaten up in shipping costs. Local states need to stop being so greedy. We are all living with smaller earnings. The government can just flip a switch and increase their tax revenue at the tax payers expense. Yet, we do not have the same switch to flip.

  • Exempt Internet Salestax

    If I buy in my state, I'll pay the sales tax. But if I buy from another state, why pay sales tax? Could a citizen PLEASE get a break? Just once (OK, more than once) I would like to take my discretionary funds, what little there is, and purchase items off the internet so I can save a little without being sales taxed. I'm already paying for shipping to get the item to my door. Please...NO MORE TAX.

  • The internet is an arena of freedom.

    People, and companies small and large, need the continued opportunities available through internet sales, which create money flow and employment, while connecting our communities. A tax would be unreasonably burdensome to small businesses and discouraging to purchasing parties, besides being completely unnecessary. The notion is motivated by greed. States must be free to choose how to handle internet taxes and it should stay that way. The Fed should stay out of it in the name of freedom.

  • I believe that Internet sales should remain tax exempt, because it is good for the economy.

    No sales tax on Internet sales encourages more buyers and, in the end, it is good for the economy and small online businesses who are just getting by.

    Posted by: TangyHarry36
  • I believe Internet sales tax exemption should be permanent. It would be next to impossible to enforce.

    On the surface it would appear too costly to track each and every transaction made on the Internet in order to impose a tax on the involved parties.

    Posted by: InnocentMarcus63
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  • Internet taxes should have been charged all along.

    It is only a fair playing field for all business both internet and REAL business who pay for a storefront for retail sales. A "real" business who ships and does business in other states has to collect tax on their merchandise that they sell -- why is the INTERNET exempt from that? The real business has to apply for tax license in other states to do business. Why is the internet exempt from this also?

  • There is no sales tax exemption for internet purchases!

    This makes it sound like no sales tax is due, sales tax is already due on online purchases—the issue is not whether sales made over the internet should be subject to sales tax but whether online retailers should collect sales tax just as bricks-and-mortar retailers do.

    The fact that online purchases are already subject to sales tax in all 46 states that have sales tax is one of the most common misconceptions about this issue.
    Once again, this is not a new tax -- it is simply more effective collection of existing revenue due to the state and local governments.
    Without sound and reasonable action by Congress, such as the Marketplace Fairness Act, the retail industry is being fractured by consumers with good-intentions simply seeking out the lowest price. Frequently these lowest prices are coming from online retailers who take advantage of the decades-old Supreme Court ruling, coupled with congressional inaction, to mislead consumers into believing that no sales tax is due. Thus the independent decision-making process of millions of consumers are being skewed toward tax evasion (whether intentionally or not). Consumers should not be blamed for seeking out lower prices, however the ability to evade taxes legally owed should not be part of any price comparison.
    In this country we aspire toward equality - so much so that "Equal Treatment Under Law" is inscribed over the entrance to the Supreme Court building. Our laws should require that ALL retailers play by the same rules (by collecting tax legally due).

  • No. Why give internet merchants this unfair break?

    Amazon already gets to sell stuff in my state without paying the various taxes that local merchants pay, they get to enjoy a competitive advantage on top of that by getting a sales tax exemption?

    If you believe in capitalism, then you should believe in a level playing field. Amazon should pay the same sales taxes that B&N, Best Buy, Target, Walmart & all the rest do.

  • We all live in a society, and we should pay our fair share to participate and benefit from it.

    Internet sales should not have tax-exempt status. While I, myself, enjoy good savings, I think it would be unfair for businesses to have such an enormous loophole around taxes. Businesses should pay their fair share of taxes to ensure that local governments can continue to delegate resources, based on population. Businesses that evade taxes are unethical.

    Posted by: ExoticCurt
  • I do not believe that Internet sales should be tax exempt permanently, because such sales are already overtaking some of the brick and mortar market.

    As Internet sales become a more common form of consumption, they also become a more valuable future source of tax revenue. In order to compensate for the shift from live shopping to online shopping, I do believe that they will eventually have to impose taxes on online sales.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • I oppose making Internet sales tax permanently tax exempt because our country needs the revenue that even a partial sales tax would bring in.

    A partial sales tax, say 50% of a state's normal sales tax, could bring in revenue in the billions that our state and federal governments need to improve and advance our infrastructure and our community programs. This money could be used for maintenance, replacement or improvement of our local, state and federal highway systems and bridges (many of the latter bordering on the verge of being dangerously unsafe and/or near collapse). The money brought in could also be used for sorely needed social programs, parks, community recreation centers, libraries, schools and even to increase law enforcement capabilities in regards to investigating the online crime and fraud that give the Internet a bad name. A partial sales tax, while giving us billions in tax revenue, would not impact Internet companies as severely as instituting a full sales tax.

    Posted by: SquealingLeroy
  • Sales tax is a positive way for the economy to generate money, and Internet sales should not be exempt.

    Sales tax exemptions for Internet sales should not be maintained permanently. Taxes from sales are a good and acceptable way of the economy generating money to be used in this country. If sales taxes were abolished for online sales, it would put many companies out of business and be the end of physical stores.

    Posted by: TedieDelight

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