Should the tax rate for the top income earners be 57 percent?

Asked by: Dash205
  • Taxing the most fortunate

    I believe that one of the causes of poverty is those with the most fortunate should stop being greedy and be taxed the most every year depending on what they work with/do. Those with less fortunate should be taxed or taxed as much. Because this can also lead to prostitution, drug dealing, stealing, murders and robbery, I must say most people can't afford to pay their taxes. All of the millionaires,billionaires, and trillionares need as helpful as bill gates and them. That money that has been taxes to the most fortunate can be used to build shelters for the homeless, to be able to feed the homeless, create better school systems. Open opportunity for actually change. We can use most of that money to increase wages in other countries meanwhile the Gov does the TPP. Higher wages will motivate people into wanting get off the couch and find a job. Other way of fixing poverty is to find specific people that live in the U.S, that have families/friends/relatives in other that countries are less in less fortunate countries, they also must be willing to help with the TPP so the U.S won't screw itself over. Once we work together to find these specific people we train them on how to be run a business in the U.S so they can send most money to they're families/relatives/friends in other countries. I keep seeing shopping centers being created, these people can run these business. If possible the countries that also work with the TPP should do the same. So the money can go round if they makes sense... It's just an opinion, you can do what you want.

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