• The Tea party

    The Tea party should back any Republican and fight with them all they are doing is trying to change some laws for the better. The economy is not getting worse or bettter at this time I still think we are at a stand still not sure how much more they can do to make it right.

  • No, the tea party should stand on thier own issues.

    There are a lot of different ideas about what is right and wrong to help the united states out of crisis mode. Some are good, some bad others are crazy. But not everyone agrees on every single issue and how to deal with it. The tea party and the republican party agree on many terms, but not all. Someone should not be forced to back something they don't believe in

  • Stand On Their Own

    I personally think the Tea Party is hurting the Republicans. I think the Republicans are going to have to split ways with the Tea Party if they want to gain any control or even have a chance at taking the White House. The Tea Party should try to stand on their own.

  • They are Rhinos.

    The Tea Party should not back any Republican blindly, because there are a lot of Republicans that function as democrats. Boehner is a great example of one of them. These so-called conservatives raise the debt ceiling and do nothing to stand up to the increased regulations of big government. The tea party should resist.

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