• It encourages creative thinking

    I unquestionably believe that the teaching of poetry be compulsory because it encourages creative thinking. Poetry includes many imaginative elements that make it creative. It has personification, Metaphors, Similes, Juxtaphication, Oxymoron, Alliteration and many more. You must be thinking what use does creative thinking have on us, Well if it wasn't for creative thinking we would never ever have had ipads, Computers, Television, Iphones, Mobile phones and much more others. Poetry has helped the wise inventors because of so much creative thinking used in it.

  • It's become more about memory then skills

    I personality find poetry really hard as I am unable to do a "deep" analysis on poems especially when they don't explicitly explain what they are saying. This followed by having to remember quotes from more then 15 different poems all with very contrasting themes and comparing them with unread poems. I find that students are taught how to remember answers to pass a final test as apposed gaining life long skills.

  • I like Poetry

    I like poetry, Writing, Grammar, And English, But I don't believe poetry is absolutely necessary to learn. It should be optional, Not required. It is a creative medium, Not a necessary skill for living in our society. Poetry is completely subjective, And can take any form the author wishes. It makes no difference whether someone learns how to write poetry or not. It won't hurt anyone not to learn how to write poetry, And it may not interest or benefit someone either. You should have the choice to write poetry, Not be mandated to do so.

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