Should the Ten Commandments be allowed in school?

  • Yes it should

    On what would we base our moral values ? Rather we want to hear it or not , even if you dont believe in God , every law comes from the ten commandments , how do we know that we not suppose to steal or kill all those law comes from the 10 commandments.

  • Yes, as a matter of study.

    If students will benefit, as I think they will, from the study of the religions of the world, then the ten commandments should be introduced as basic tenets that several religions hold to. Their morality should be explained in a simple way and maybe students could decide on what they mean in the classroom and if they should be followed there.

  • Allowed, but not enforced

    While some people say that there should be a separation of church and state (people such as me), the Ten Commandments, no matter what their origins, are, at their most basic and rudimentary level, a moral code. I think that the Ten Commandments should be brought up briefly, as a means of exposing students to an already-established moral code, but they should NOT be enforced by the school administration.

  • No No No

    There are many reasons why the Ten Commandments should not be at school. I am going to state one. There are different religions and beliefs. Public schools is a secular nature and in my opinion the Ten Commandments should not be at school. Children should not have to listen to things they don't believe in.

  • Separation Of Church and State

    This phrase still applies today, in fact, there is precedence so it is clearly the ruling on the matter. Freedom of religion means not only the ability to practice freely but also the ability to not practice freely. Not that isn't to say that students shouldn't be able to bring a religious object or text to school, just not preach it and to not allow teachers or faculty to bring it to the institution.
    The reason as to why the faculty should be treated differently is because they are in a position of power that can be easily abused into preaching a religion, even if by 'accident'.

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