Should the term US Latinos and Hispanics be interchangeable?

  • I'm Not Keeping Track

    As far as I'm concerned the terms Latino and Hispanic can be used interchangeable. As an American I don't even know what the difference to these two terms really are and I don't really care. If you're a citizen you're part of my country and that makes you American. I'm not much into trying to label people based on where they came from originally. You're here now, you're American. That's all that should matter.

  • Yes, the terms should be interchangeable.

    Latino and Hispanic should be interchangeable terms. This is because they essentially mean the same thing. The Spanish and Latin cultures need to embrace their similarities. I believe the political correctness in this country is getting out of hand. People should be less sensitive to what word is used to describe them.

  • Hispanics Describe Spanish Speakers

    Latin-based languages go beyond Spanish and include Italian, Portuguese, French and Romanian. The term "Latino" could also describe someone of those ethnic backgrounds. The term "Hispanics" better describes the backgrounds of those from Spanish-speaking families. The terms are not interchangeable because of the languages that the terms infer when referring to ethnic groups.

  • No that is not proper

    Look up the word Latino and look up the word Hispanic. You will see they have two different definitions. Yes a Latino is most likely a Hispanic but it does not go the other way. So nio we should not make them interchangeable because they are not the same thing.

  • 'Hispanic' More Accurately Describes the Ethnicity

    The term "Hispanic" more accurately describes the ethnicity that revolves around people who speak Spanish. "Latino" is a misnomer because there are many other languages based on Latin including Portuguese, Italian, French and Romanian. Plus, at least in English, the word "Hispanics" is gender-neutral whereas "Latino" and "Latina" can refer to males or females.

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