• Tobacco Age Limit

    The age limit to buy tobacco is 19 in Alabama. However, I believe it should be raised to 21. Tobacco causes a lot of damage to your body and the farther we can push the age limit back, the better. Tobacco should be completely illegal but the age 21 could be a mature age to decide on if you want to use tobacco or not. -Elizabeth

  • Wont do anything

    I believe it should be lowered honestly cause people do it anyway my principle doesnt even take it anymore theres always going to be somebody who will buy it for another person plus at eighteen they can go to war but cant buy tobacco it should not work that way

  • I think not!

    Raising the tobacco will not change a single thing. People will still buy tobacco products despite the age limit. Teens still buy tobacco products as we speak. Whats the point in wasting time? It wont change a single thing. Corner stores will still sell to minors. So don't raise it.

  • No! Enough of this nanny state nonsense. Raising the age will do NOTHING.

    There's NO logical reason to raise the age to purchase and use tobacco. It would be a complete waste of resources and time. The age has always been 18, why would we randomly raise it 3 more years and further limit what adults can choose to do? (yes 18-20 year olds are indeed ADULTS). We all know how well the 21+ minimum drinking age law has worked...It hasn't. No one cares about the age restrictions, adults will get what they want anyway with great ease, no matter what age they can "legally" purchase it. Why are people trying to decide what's good for other adults? Mind your own business and focus on changes that will actually make a difference. Let adults decide if they wanna harm their health or not

  • Will stop nothing

    Raising the tobacco age will not seriously affect tobacco consumption, and is instead just an arbitrary rule that further inconveniences the population. There are so many regulations regarding tobacco today, yet tobacco usage has, overall, failed to decrease substantially over the past few decades, and additional rules will be largely ineffectual.

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