Should the Toronto Maple Leafs have fired GM Brian Burke?

  • It was a good decision.

    As a lifelong fan of the Toronto Maple Leafs, I think that they made the correct choice by deciding to fire their General Manager Brian Burke. If he was not getting the job done, then he should not be employed with that organization. It is simple business after all, I say.

  • Yes, it is up to the organization

    It seems to me that Burke was doing a bad job for the Maple Leafs, and therefore deserved to be fired. Isn't it then the duty of the organization to fire the general manager in this situation? I don't see why this is an issue. The organization was just trying to do what it could to make the season better.

  • Yes, sometimes you need a change.

    Occasionally, an organization gets stagnant and needs to make a change. In the four years he was there, they never made the playoffs, and there was not sufficient progress for them to justify keeping him on board. Plus, sometimes a team needs to make a surprising change like this just to get some attention.

  • Burke Should Have Kept His Job

    I think Maple Leafs' GM, Brain Burke, should not have been fired. I do not think he was doing a great job but the timing of the firing was bad. It came off as classless and stupid. Why fire your GM right before the season starts instead of months ago? The Maple Leafs' owners are clueless in my opinion.

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