Should the Toronto Maple Leafs pick up Roberto Luongo?

  • Yes

    The thing is the Vancouver head GM has stated recently that it is not Toronto getting Lou which sucks. It would be highly beneficial for the Leafs if they do get Loungo and could make a playoff push with him. The Leafs cannot do it with Reimer or Scrivens.

  • Picking up Luongo Would be a Plus

    Yes, the Toronto Maple Leafs should pick up Roberto Luongo. That is if they want to win. Sports are not for the sentimental if there is a profit to be made. You get the best players you can afford, work them as hard as you can, and win as often as is possible. Sports teams are businesses. If they don't win they don't make money. If they don't make money they can't afford the really good players. And if they can't afford the good players, they won't win. It is a cycle that will take any sports team right down the drain.

  • No, they should not!

    Due to Robert Luongo's several injuries when playing for the Canucks, I think that the Toronto Maple Leafs should not pick him. He has had an impressive career, but that is in the past. I believe that Robert Luongo's can no longer play the way he used too due to his injuries.

  • No, Robert Luongo has sustained several injuries and has had difficulty performing in the past, when he played for the Canucks.

    No, the Toronto Maple Leafs should not pick up Robert Luongo. Despite his impressive career, Luongo has had less than stellar performance with the Canucks. A winning team always attracts greater ticket sales and more fan loyalty. The best days are behind Robert Luongo and it is best that the Toronto Maple Leafs does not add an anchor to their team.

  • No

    No. The goaltenders in the Toronto Maple Leafs are all fairly young and definitely have the potential to be good. As long as they are trained, well paid and have moral support, they will be fairly adequate to the team. It is unfair for such young men to be kicked off for a replacement. Two of the three goaltenders for the team were only picked up in 2010 so they should be given more time on the hockey rink.

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