Should the tragic Heath Ledger death lead to greater controls on prescription drugs?

  • Yes, there need to be greater controls on prescription drugs

    The Heath Ledger death was tragic, and there have been many other tragic deaths linked to the use of prescribed drugs. It is far too easy to get prescriptions from some doctors and that is where the crack-down should begin. The only problem with that is that ultimately it will also make it difficult for people who actually need the drugs and use them properly to get them.

  • Prescirption drugs need more control

    The control on prescription drugs need to be enforced more harshly. We need to implement better tracking of who issues and receives prescription drugs. There needs to be some type of system that show the patients are making progress with these drugs and not just abusing them. Montioring these drugs will reduce potential overdoses.

  • Yes it should.

    The tragic death of Heath Ledger should of lead to better controls over drugs over the counter. People have way too easy of a time getting a hold of these type of drugs and usually it does not end very well for anyone. People need to be more cautious about this.

  • No, it shouldn't.

    Heath Ledgers death was of course sad, but I don't believe that we should put more regulations on medicine that some people legitimately need for various reasons. I think that the best solution would be free rehab for those who can't afford it and greater mental health assistance and drug addiction counseling.

  • He did it to himself

    If the people are hooked on these types of pills like this actor probably was, then they either need to find help themselves, and find the will to quit, or we do not need them in our society. All drug abusers need to be taken out of the society somehow.

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