Should the trapped miners in South Africa have been arrested since they entered the mine illegally?

  • A crime is a crime

    There are instances where a criminal can get off of a crime for the misfortunes they bring on themselves, and that is injustice. It would be wrong for someone who robs a bank but accidentally shoots themselves to get away scott free, and the same type of principal should apply to these miners.

  • The law is the law

    The should have been arrested and tried for trespassing and destruction of property. Just because they got trapped and went through a traumatic experience does not mean that it is not heir fault for getting them into that pickle in the first place. If they were not going to be arrested then they should have gotten a fine or something like that.

  • They entered illegally.

    Yes, they did enter illegally, so they can be arrested. Hopefully the police will have compassion on them and they will get a light sentence, but you can't expect to get away with doing something illegal when you are caught doing it. If you were trapped in a drug house you wouldn't be let go.

  • Miners should be arrested

    I believe that the minors should be arrested for illegally entering the mine. The mine was closed for safety reasons and blantenly ignoring the law put many lives in dangerous. Not only did they risk their own lives, they also put those who went to their rescue at risk. Punishing them sets an example to the rest of the population that breaking the law is unacceptable.

  • not at all

    No, i think that they were punished enough by being trapped in the ground for a long time, and that they do not need to be punished any more. I think that they were just trying to make some money, and that there was not a thing wrong with that.

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