• Yes they should

    We have a different attitude on planes now. If a terrorist pulls out a knife, he'll be trampled by people with closed fists, ink pens, heavy luggage slammed on his head, etc. Why not allow knives? If anything, I think it would make us even a little safer. Also tsa needs to be scaled back some, costing too much time in lines and money.

  • They are only small knives.

    The knives that the TSA is allowing are only very small knives. A knife is a very useful tool and I think everyone should always have a knife on them. A knife the size allowed by the TSA would be difficult to use effectively to take over an airplane. Not being allowed to carry a knife on a plane means you are not allowed to carry a knife during your whole trip unless you are willing to buy a new knife at your destination and then dispose of it or mail it home. The knives the TSA is allowing present a very small threat.

  • Why on earth?

    While I think the TSA has gone completely overboard with security precautions over the years, this is a completely ridiculous question. First of all, why on earth would you even need a knife during the flight? If they were still serving meals, perhaps an airline-provided knife would be debatable, but really? Something that is obviously a weapon is never going to be allowed and there is no reason for them to change their stance on this issue. If you can't even bring a bottle of water on the plane, why would a knife be allowed? Next I'm expecting people to be asking about guns and explosives.

    Posted by: Misa
  • This could lead to more violence.

    There is absolutely no reason anyone anywhere would need a knife on a plane. I think the not allowing a toe-nail clipper is going a little bit too far but knives? No. Knives can be used as weapons and 90 percent of the population are actually more threatened by a knife than a gun.

  • No, I Can't Believe That Decision.

    I cannot believe the decision to allow knives in airplane cabins. What on earth were they thinking? Absolutely no good can come of such a decision. I have to take my shoes off before I can board a plane, but someone standing next to me can carry a knife? Even the smallest knife puts the air staff and fellow passengers at risk. This is such a ludicrous decision, I have to wonder what is the reason behind it. Seriously. What's going on?

  • No, the TSA should not allow knives in airplane cabins.

    The TSA should not allow knives in airplane cabins because there is no reason for a knife in an airplane cabin. There is no activity for which you should require a knife in an airplane which means that people are carrying them merely to cause issues. It is community transportation with viable threats, what is allowed should be based on what is needed and knives simply are not needed.

  • No, no knives should be allowed in the passenger section of airplanes.

    You know why? Because everybody, and I mean EVERBODY knows that one guy that will take it too far. Do I think they should ban butter knives from the plane, or plastic knives, no, but if it is allowed then ALL knives must be allowed and then there is a discussion about which knives are allowed. We can't say you can bring all the knives that serve some person and are more or less not lethal on board, because some guy will bring a short knife and say it isn't lethal.

    I support nude flying where you strip and the airlines provide you with clothes for the flight. No metal, no comfort objects, no phones, only you. Everything else is in luggage and you can sit there for 15 hours and do nothing while you travel. Maybe even give the airlines the responsibility of entertaining passengers with decent movies and headphones and comfortable seats or built in computers with web access for folks in first class, but ultimately nothing is carried on including water, which should be provided.

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