• They should rebuild the twin towers

    I was only 9 months when 9/11 happened and i never got to experience the original i would like to experience them so i am for them building a nee set of twin towers also to see the skyline back in its former glory. Especilly with the lights on at night such a beautiful sight.

  • It will be hard for terrorists to strike

    The biggest threat is if some pilot turns on everyone and crashes into the tower. Kind of like that one German person. I think they should because it would show everyone that we are not afraid to bounce back and that we can recover and we are ready to fight.

  • Give New York it's Spunk to the Skyline!!

    As we all know in 2001, The original Twin towers along with 3000 American lives were taken from us! As an American, and a fan of architecture, I believe that there should be a duplicate building of the Freedom Tower as World Trade Center 2 minus the antenna. It would not only give the skyline of New York City it's identity back, but it would a sight of healing for all of us!

  • Rebuild The Twin Towers

    We must stand up against terrorism together in solidarity. I agree that we should keep the original site of the towers as a memorial to all the innocent people that died there, it should never have happened!! New Twin Towers would powerfully symbolise love and strength against hatred and war.

  • They should have considered it in the beginning.

    It was pretty insensitive to not rebuild the twin towers because they had a massive support from the city of New York and through the country and world.

    They chose the twin towers because they were iconic, not just because they were twin towers. They will be targets again but so will the new One World Trade center, they're both equally potential targets for terrorists to strike.

    The terrorists didn't have a persona vendetta against the towers so people who say they will just attack again have a seriously flawed argument. It's not like the terrorists will hijack a plane; discover One World Trade Center is standing and turn around, call the big boss saying the twin towers aren't there, land the plane and give up.

    They've always had major support and probably will for the next 10 years. Who knows? Someone will rebuild them somewhere.

  • For the Country.

    Because the world has been almost destroyed by their absence. They need to return to their right full spot. And i do not care if people hate my argument, but the twin towers represented our freedom and patriot ship. So yes rebuild the towers for America's dignity and trust in God.

  • America the brave

    9-11 caused distress in many lives, and will never be forgotten, but true colors reveal themselves in the actions we take. To get back up we must fall. America has not always had the best history, but we rebound every time, so why differ now? Although several people died, our security has now increased, and our military is stronger. The terrorist wanted to strike fear in our hearts, and to put us down. As a whole we can not let that happen. It is up to us to stand up for what has happened, and to fight back. "Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve."

  • The Twin Towers should not be rebuilt

    9/11 was a horrific event, and even though we should not let that act of terrorism stop us from rebuilding, the site should remain a monument to those who were lost. The World Trade Center, whether it includes twin towers or not, should be rebuilt but at a slightly different location.

  • We cannot put lives it jeopardy

    The terrorist organization which destroyed the first twin towers will do it again. Frankly, the idea that we are rebuilding the towers make my blood turn cold, just thinking of what this is...It is a calling card for terrorists to yet kill more people. How can we put others' lives in jeopardy? For what?

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