• Build It And They Will Come

    Yes, I do believe that we should rebuild the towers. It is our strength and determination that defines us. If we were to choose otherwise, it would be like saying we are afraid and weak.
    May the 3000 who were slained, rest in peace.
    Life must go on and with honor.

  • The twin towers were prettier than that stupid freedom tower!

    New York city just looks really bad with that stupid freedom tower. We should have what we had before. Rebuilding the twin towers would be better than two pools where the foundations of the towers stood and only one world trade center. If everyone wants a memorial, they should put it in part of the towers.

  • They Should be Rebuilt, but not as they were

    The Twin Towers were originally built in 1972. They should be rebuilt with to current engineering standards and protocols. Maybe with a small radar station at the top to prevent future attacks. If the US rebuilds the towers better than they were, it will prove to the world that we can come back.

  • 100% yes.

    Not only should they be rebuilt... they should be built taller. Clearly additional safety measures should be taken... such as ground / building to air missile defense (similar to what installed at the white house and Air Force 1) among other proprietary security measures. The site is the golden goose for terrorists with the exception of the white house and Congress... but there is no better way than to defy our enemies by rebuilding.

  • Absolutely, as long as the people want it.

    Everyone needs to stop thinking in the past and look to the future. Building the Twin Towers back up will unify our country instead of reminding anyone on the other side of things what a great tragedy it was to the US. Maybe we should not name it the same thing, but have it be known that it is in the same place and represents the Twin Towers.

  • Yes, We should rebuild them!

    I agree with the others. If the people want it, we should rebuild it. We should build them bigger and taller than than before as a symbol of our strength and unity as a country. I agree that there should be a memorial as a reminder of the tragedy, but I feel that new towers and a memorial in the near vicinity, would be a better solution, than just replacing the towers with waterfalls. By no means to ignore what happened, but by not rebuilding them, it's kind of like saying, "I give up, you win."

  • Yes, they had a good purpose.

    The twin tower were originally designed in order to trade between nations. With foreign diplomacy being how it is, and our economy being how it is, this would greatly help us get better results in those two categories. And would be the perfect reminder of the glory that those towers used to have.

  • Symbol of Strength

    Rebuilding towers adds emphasis back on NYC's skyline and shows that America can stand back up after terrible tragedies.

  • the only way we can get rid of that tragic memory is to rebuild it

    i think it is a tragic occurrence and we need to just move on, and know that ny has recovered

  • Because that's what we want

    A survey in NYC said 9 out of 10 people wanted them rebuilt. No need for me to add an argument. If that's what the people want than that's what they should get. "for the people, by the people"

  • They would attack again

    They destoyed it once they will do it again and if you build them again it will be another 911. So if my voice mattered I wouldn't want for them to be remade. But I quess if that's what you people want, then so be it, but it won't be fun when another 911 happens.

  • The twin towers were taken down for a reason. They replaced an ethnic community to make a political statement. Rebuilding them would be like replacing the Titanic.

    The regular Joes have understood what happened, the people who like me were down afterwards because people they knew were never seen again. What my nine friends died for was this: Members of the El Saud family are in with the Bush family, and were in New York City within sight of the towers. They watched the towers go down, thinking that they had gotten away with stealing the gold stored under the tower. That family got to be lifted out of the country, with their gold. But, they did destroy our economic system, but we destroyed them. What they tool from under the towers were plated bars of Tungsten, and those bars have salted the financial system making even the gold bars without value. The Chinese recently rejected a whole bunch o bars because they drill tested them, because they listened to the people who saw the phony gold bars. We were not supposed to know it was a gold heist, we were not supposed to know that we were cheating the gold robbers. New Yorkers have always known, but it's been too horrible to talk about. Now that the bank bailouts have happened, we are talking about it. I'm very sad for the loss of my own friends, and for everyone else in the community who lost trust in the system, people, and their idea of what is really going on. But we can handle reality and don't want to be fooled any more. Putting the towers back would be like my friends died for nothing, their loss down the memory hole, forgotten.

    Posted by: groovybox
  • The Twin Towers, although extremely important, should not be rebuilt because, in doing so, we would be living in the past, instead of looking to the future.

    It's tempting to believe that we can put the world to rights and make it what it once was. The truth is that we cannot. The Twin Towers fell. They were destroyed in a tragic and horrible occurrence. To try and rebuild them would be an example of us trying to ignore what went on that day.

    Posted by: AbortiveLance38
  • No, because there is already substantial progress on a building at the site.

    It is too late to rebuild the Twin Towers as they stood before their 9/11/2001 destruction. The 1,776 foot tall new One World Trade Center is under construction and, as of this writing, is about 65 stories tall, and the footprints of the original towers are being made into memorial pools. With this new building over half-finished, it is too late to change plans to reconstruct the original towers.

    Posted by: tacomoon
  • The Twin Towers should not be rebuilt as the grounds should be preserved as a memorial.

    While I understand the need to stand up to terrorism and show that they can't get us down, the Twin Towers in NYC should not be rebuilt because so many lives were lost and continue to be lost and those lives should be remembered by the creation of a memorial on the Twin Towers site. Firefighters and rescue people are suffering health issues from their efforts during 9/11, and the harsh impact on our souls from that tragic day still are painful and emotional. Our determination to say 'take that' needs to be tempered against healing from that day. We need a place to go, remember, and gain strength. Rebuilding the Twin Towers doesn't achieve that goal. Turning the site into a memorial and a place of renewal would be more beneficial.

    Posted by: SAugustus
  • The Twin Towers should not be rebuilt; cities should move forward.

    What would be the reason to rebuild the World Trade Center as it was? It would be a clumsy and inelegant memorial and little else. Architecture and design have evolved since the 1970's. A living city should always have new facets and contemporary buildings. Also, building materials, ideas of energy efficiency, technological infrastructure, and the types of spaces human beings require to carry on their business have changed. A design that was once cutting edge would only be awkwardly retro and irrelevant.

    Posted by: Fr4Ice
  • The Twin Towers shouldn't be remade because they were a historic landmark.

    The towers were built as original skyscrapers and were the largest skyscrapers in the world. When they fell down, a huge loss was upon us all. They should make it a place for people to come and give their condolences to the families that were lost that day. And it was also a sign that we should be strong.

    Posted by: waffletime
  • The Twin Towers should not be rebuilt--it would divert too much time, effort and resources from other places.

    Although the absence of the Twin Towers continued to stand as a black eye against the United States, it was expensive to erect the Towers back in the early 1970s--and given the current status of the economies of the United States and the world at large, we cannot afford to rebuild these Towers. A memorial space can stand in place of these buildings and that will have to suffice.

    Posted by: ElwBoardin
  • In a struggling economy and diminishing environment, NYC can make better use of the space.

    The tragedy of 911 resonates throughout the city, but rebuilding the towers would be a waste of time, money and resources. The area where the towers once stood could easily be constructed into a "green" area. Creating a park or garden with a memorial in the center would help create a natural space for people to gather and reflect on the events of the past.

    Posted by: MainBen
  • The Twin Towers should not be rebuilt

    The Twin Towers should not be rebuilt. They were too iconic and what happened to them was too tragic to have them replicated again. It would also be too much of a target for future terrorists. Something should be rebuilt there for work and retail space, but it shouldn't be identical to what was lost.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader

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