Should the two Virginia volunteer firefighters who transported an 18 month old girl to the hospital in a fire engine be suspended?

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  • No, the Virginia firefighters should not be suspended

    The two Virginia firefighters should not have been suspended because their actions saved the 18-month old child even though they challenged the policies. It was an emergency action and carrying the child was dangerous if a crash occurred, their intentions were well motivated. The fire engine does not carry equipment for this purpose but their actions were life saving decisions.

  • That is nonsensical

    The Virginia firefighters were doing their civic duty when they transported the 18 month old girl to the hospital in a fire engine. It was an emergency. They should not be suspended for doing this rare thing. It's not like they were hanging out at the bar with the fire engine. Sometimes we really need to use common sense when disciplining workers. It should be on a case by case basis.

  • No, firefighters should not be suspended for saving a life.

    Two firefighters went to the aid of a young girl having a seizure. There weren't ambulances close by, so they decided to take action and transport her to the hospital themselves. They were quick to react, and ultimately, saved her life. The parents were extremely grateful to them for doing so. I do not believe they deserve to be suspended for being quick-thinking, good Samaritans. The very idea that people would consider suspending them is an outrage.

  • No, they honored the spirit of the job

    No, the two firefighters did the right thing under the circumstances. My thoughts are that even if they didn't stick to the rules, they honored the spirit of their chosen job by putting a priority on preservation of life. When a child that young is in danger, every second counts. Hopefully they will be commended for their quick thinking when the case comes up for review.

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