• Too many Nimbys

    Fracking is safe if performed by responsible companies under a regulated environment. In the UK, it is very safe as the shale gas is deeper than the freshwater aquifers and will not harm in the environment. Where would the Uk be today if the government of the days banned coal mining? Grow up.

  • We have electricity

    The only people who want the gas are the ones who make money from it. They are simply pushing to make a profit by selling it to us, otherwise they go out of business.
    We live completely off of electricity, no problem.

    Fracking is dangerous and no longer necessary in 2014.

    Posted by: gd29
  • No no no.

    It is dangerous - watch GASLAND for a start and the benefits to the U.K are dismal. For all the environmental damage we would receive 4% off our gas bills and less than a billion pounds to all our communities whilst the shareholders and executive 1% would be laughing all the way to the bank.


  • They should not.

    The United Kingdom should not allow fracking. Even though fracking produces a lot of natural gas, it is very bad for the environment. Instead of companies trying to get governments like the United Kingdom to allow fracking, they should focus on making renewable energy.Renewable energy will be the way to go for the future.

  • Fracking is bad

    The United Kingdom should not allow fracking because it is harmful to the earth but even more closely effects the people that around it. The process is just destroying the area. The world can do better than something like this. We can use alternative sources to get our energy if need be.

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