Should the U.K. change to the Mixed Member Proportional system of voting?

Asked by: CJKAllstar
  • Most definitely a yes

    In my constituency, labour always win. No questions asked. My vote doesn't count, as neither will any non-labour supporters in my constituency. It needs to change, but the government won't change it because it's the system that's got them in in the first place. It can be useful as it seems to keep out UKIP, but the pros outweigh the cons.

  • It will be fair

    It will finally end wasted votes and every vote will count. Our current system ignores minorites and encourages the two party system as people only expect either tories or labour to win. We should have another referendum on our current voting system. No more first past the post voting system.

  • Politics in general, is not catering for everyone.

    Right now as we speak, there could be a party with brilliant policies, or policies which cater for more of the population. There could be a party, whether new or old, which has changed for the better, changed and now will be best fit for the U.K, but because of the First-Past-the-Post, system, we're stuck with the Convervatives, UKIP, Labour and the Lib Dems. Who don't cater for everyone, and are only hitting a target demographic. We need the Mixed Member Proportional system to allow other parties to rise, because parties change. Look at Labour, how much to the right it has moved since the end of the 20th century. Yet no matter how much their policies change, they're going to be at the forefront, which isn't fair. Parties change, and First-Past-the-Post doesn't do much about it. And also, more people can vote for more people they're happy with. Seats in the Parliament are now catering for more people, so in the end, we get better policies suited towards the country, hopefully as long as the parties do their bit and be smart with their lists, it will work well.

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