Should the U.K. punish the publication of NSA leaks?

  • The U.K. should punish the publication of NSA leaks.

    The U.K. should punish the publication of NSA leaks. They should be required to punish whoever was responsible for the leak and make them be held accountable for their actions. It is wrong to let them be allowed to publish the NSA leaks and let them think that they can get away with it.

  • It's not the UK's job to prosecute foreign crimes.

    The United Kingdom is not a branch office of the United States government. They have no reason or business to punish the publication of National Security Agency leaks, as it's not an agency of their own government. If anything, they should be thanking Ed Snowden (the leaker) and The Guardian (the publisher) for performing such a vital public service.

  • No this was a US matter

    Why would the United Kingdom punish the publication of the NSA leaks when this was things to originally do with the United States. The United States has ever right to go after who it chooses to go after dealing with this matter. Why should it depend on another country for this problem?

  • No, they are just being journalists.

    No, the UK should not punish the publication of NSA leaks, because it is okay for a journalist to publish the information that they receive. The person who publishes NSA information is acting against the United States, not directly against the United Kingdom. It would be hard to classify something as against the UK's interest simply because it is against the USA's. They are separate countries.

  • NSA leaks should be encouraged.

    If the NSA is allowed to steal information at hand than I find it hypocritical for them to become angry if that same information is leaked back to the public. I think that NSA leaks should be published and encouraged to be shared, if only to equalize the playing ground.

  • Leaks exposed lies

    The editors of the Guardian in the UK should, in no way, be punished for exposing the NSA leaks to the public. The Guardian had the courage to publish the leaks that many other papers, especially in the US, would not have done, and exposed a massive plan that affected the whole world.

  • Whistleblowing should not be a punishable offense

    Although the NSA leaks did disclose a lot of sensitive information, it is not sensible to punish those who chose to disclose them. Whistleblowers are an integral part of any high-security agency, as they force the agency to become more honest in their activities. Punishing whistleblowers is the last thing that society needs.

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