Should the U.N. admit Palestine as a full member state?

  • Look at the law

    Really, if you look at international law, there isn't a real debate. Hamas and Israel have both committed crimes, Israel has committed considerably more and has been doing so, without punishment or question, for forty years. One of the steps to justice is a Palestinian state, alongside an Israeli state. The two state solution is a good way to peace, and it's supported by the Palestinian authority and Hamas even says it will have peace at 1967 borders. Israel just builds more settlements...

  • It should not have to be a question!

    Palestine is a land that was stolen from the zionists with financially help from the U.S. . It had its own currency, culture and government. Moreover, people of all kinds of religion knew how leave together without any problem until the zionist decided to take over the land because of wanting more than they were actually offered to have.

  • We are not truly free without the freedom of the Palestinians ~ Nelson Mandela

    Israel is an apartheid state and Palestinians deserve better. If Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Desmond Tutu and all the other great freedom fighters can acknowledge Israel is an apartheid state; who are we to disagree? I'm not going to give you the facts. I think you all know how Palestinians are discriminate against but I'll give you this analogy. Muslims were being discriminated against in Russia and they decided to seek refuge in Spain. I use Spain because Zionists justify their brutal occupation by saying they have the right of return and Muslims controlled Spain for 800 years so if it's like that then Muslims also have the right or return. Let's not forget even Palestinians aren't given the right of return to their villages in the occupied territories. Back to the analogy. If Muslims were to take over Spain and give the Christians a small strip of land. A land which is infertile and undesired. If Muslims were to kill innocent Christians for throwing stones at tanks. If Muslims refused to give original Spain their own state. Can this ever be justified? The answer is simple. No. Israel is supported by America. They support the killing of innocent civilians and the theft of land which is a blatant violation of international law. The only way this crisis will be solved if the Palestinians have a place to call home.

  • Sure, because most countries already have recognized it.

    Most countries around the world already recognized Palestine. We want Palestinians to have a country they can belong to, and either uniting Israel and Palestine or making two states is the way to do it. Recognizing Palestine is a step on the way to making that happen. The fact that they do not yet have military control over themselves does not block recognition because other times governments in exile have been recognized in other cases.

  • They should , they should

    Palestine should get all the rights as any other country , I think that what Israel had done and still do is enough for Palestinians , they should live their life as any other person in this world! What is the problem if we gave the Palestinians the whole rights? Palestine is a beautiful country , It is for PALESTINIANS not for ISRAELIANS

  • Yes they should.

    Palestine has their own elected government, so there's no reason not to admit them as a state. The only reason they haven't already is that it'll make it more difficult for Israel to push around the Palestinians if Palestine is recognized as its own nation. Give the people the recognition they deserve!

  • Yes, admit Palestine as a full member state.

    The issue of divisions in the Middle East is somewhat confusing and based on activities of the past. In some circles Palestine is considered their own entity. They are mostly doing things on their own anyway, so I do not see that admitting them as a full member state would be a mistake.

  • It is only fair.

    Even though one could make the argument that Palestine is not considered to be a real state by the rest of the world, the plight of the Palestinians are enough that they should be allowed to have some form of member state status within the United Nation. It's only fair.

  • Palestine should not be a full member state and furthermore, and not a country of its own.

    First of all, Palestinians are not a "people" but moreover are descendants of Arabs who controlled the region after the Roman Empire collapsed which the Romans threw out the Jewish people who were the original settlers of the country. Additionally, if Palestine was to become its own state, the quality of life in it compared to Israel would be poor as the occupied territories today have worse lives than those that live in the rest of Israel. Moreover, there is a good chance that Palestine would be an Islamic state and that the government would be filled with extremists who could potentially develop their own army and cause issues for Israel. This is seen with extremist groups such as Hamas in Gaza. Although that is speculative, it is not reasonable to consider that as a potential outcome of if Palestine is declared its own state. In conclusion, Palestine should not be admitted as a full member state and furthermore as its own country because the quality of life for the people that will live in it will be worse than those that live in the rest of Israel and could cause potential problems for Israel if their government is filled with extremists. This would be detrimental to the Arab people in Palestine as they would be subjected to less freedom and they would not even know it due to indoctrination by their religion.

    To avoid a misunderstanding, I am not an Israeli Nationalist either. The Jews acquisition of the land after World War 2 wasn't moral, but neither were the Arabs capture of the land from the Romans. I am arguing from a perspective of socioeconomics and of avoiding future conflicts. I would appreciate it if you would avoid calling me a nationalist / anti-Islam / etc because that is not what my argument is based on.

  • Palestine Is On Israel's Land

    Palestine is on land given by Yahweh to Israel. The Palestinians have no place in Jerusalem, the Gaza Strip or the West Bank. The UN should not abandon Israel, because to do so would be to deny God's creation of Israel and all its land. The UN should not grant full membership, they already made a mistake by making a non member observer state.

  • They should not.

    While I am the first to admit that I can indeed sympathize with the plight of Palestinians everywhere, I do not think that it would be a wise move by the United Nations to make Palestine a full member state. Palestine does not exist as an actual country, for starters.

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