• The UN is a sad joke

    Of course the UN should be disbanded. It is filled with the same type of braindead Liberal pedophile baby-killers that the Democrat party is polluted with. These devil worshipping douchebags should be put in mental hospitals and we should take back our schools as well from the Libtards. The UN serves no purpose other than to cater to the special interest nutbags. Thank God we have President Trump now to undo all the damage Obama has done to the world. God bless America.

  • Time for U.S. to evict the United Nations!

    The UN no longer serves any constructive purpose for the betterment of the world and certainly is not a defender of freedom and democracy. It is anti-United States anti-Israel and seeks a one world government dictatorship. No wonder Obama hates Israel and loves Castro's Cuba. He has never met a dictator he did not like.!!! To to disband and evict the United Nations from New York and immediately stop all US funding of this pathetic excuse for a peace-keeping organization.

  • Time to pack up and go Home...

    The UN has failed its basic duty to be a peace keeper drastically for too long now. Gone are the days of lite reporting on UN troops being deployed in any country to stop a conflict. Where was the UN when the US walked into Saddam's back yard and kicked his doors down? Where was the UN diplomacy and so called peace keepers when Libya was attacked and Gaddafi Assassinated? Im not going to cream puff it. The Miss-information of the News Networks with the Lack of Interest from the UN are to blame for the US outright War on the few who try to make their countries Great... It makes me Question just how is this UN Machine run , who is behind the curtains pulling the carefully selected strings. Sanctions here Sanctions there, Oh Look a Nations leader wants to Stop trading in US Dollars for Oil and wants to empower his fellow countrymen to rise up and become captains of their future country leaders, only to be cut down and made as an example by some of the Shadow organisations behind the curtain pulling the strings. This is History repeating its self again. The Allied Nations where dissolved to make room for a far superior idea the UN. But Like NATO the UN has seriously Failed. Veto for the Few, does not slide well with others. Its time to Let go and Go Home. Its time for every country to focus on its self and grow in prosperity along with its neighbors. We all got along so much better before all of this red tape had been created. Diplomacy is here, it has been for a long time. Disband the UN and create a new impartial system where there is an intermediary and neutral ground where leaders can sit down and discuss their issues and differences. NO NWO initiatives should be put into play as the World has not got time for secrets of this one and that one behind closed doors selling oil for ISIS and supplying them with WMDS. Please search America for WMDS.

  • Old fossils should be buried like dinosaurs

    How can the world be ruled by 5 countries with their veto powers? Even if the West is serious about democracy, UNSC is not democratic at all. The UN is the best place to keep on voting for important events, like Syria, not the UNSC because these five countries are simply defending their own interests which they have in Syria- E.g. gun trade. Rwanda happened because of UNSC slow to act or describe events there as genocide, so we need the 284 states of the UN to vote, and majority rules.

    Fritz H Dausab

  • Yes, the Security Council is a WW II Victors Nostalgia Club!

    The UN is highly undemocratic and the security council is a bluff, what with countries like India, Japan, Indonesia and Brazil having the same say as a 10 square mile island nation.

    It is actually just a WW 2 winners nostalgia club until the security council is reformed.

    It has failed to address some of the most important issues faced by the world and has utterly failed to prevent wars, which should be the core of any world organization.

    There is an urgent need of complete reform or disbanding.

  • What a joke!

    The UNITED Nations! There's nothing united about it. How many atrocities have occurred while the UN sat on there duffs? I say if you want a UN put the headquarters in Somalia or the Middle East. Get it out of the USA. Watch how fast some of the representatives seek political asylum here. We'd also clear out a good number of spies

  • As bad as it is, no

    You don't have to look any further than Syria to see how ineffective the UN is, their attempts to stop the genocide happening there can be described as them saying "STOP IT YOU GUYS WE'RE SUPER SERIOUS THIS TIME" every few months and that's it. The way it's designed, it rarely can take direct action. It still provides a global stage to call people out that are doing the planet or their people wrong, though.

  • No, it does important work

    The United Nations does some really important work. It works in non violent ways to help people of the world. It helps to keep any one single government from taking over all of the nations on the earth. If the United Nation gets disbanded that would leave a great hole in the world.

  • No, keep the UN

    The UN is far from a perfect body. Some of the world's worst tyrants are prominent in the organization, and it is terribly disingenuous in actions much of the time. However, the UN does provide a means for the world's nations to reach some measure of agreement on many issues. Until there is something better to replace it with, it should continue to function.

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