Should the U.N. be given power to take over struggling governments for a short time while helping them get back on their feet?

Asked by: Jakeross6
  • Of course they should! The Sovereignty of any country is not worth the suffering of the people there.

    There would be no absolute power, but the power of 3 differing ideologies in the form of the security council, with veto power extending to any one member of the council. Such differing countries should be able to take care of other countries and through that solve world hunger, the chaos of Africa, and many other problems. I know the UN is ineffective now because it is not allowed to do what it needs to do in order to create order out of chaos. Globalization will happen someday. It will someday be necessary to the survival of our species. On the the god note, I do not think ANY government should be "under" what no one can even provide evidence for existing! Secular governments are the best governments because they are fair and honest. Our government is set to change with its people. At the moment, we are a majority Christian nation, but if in a hundred years, we become a majority Islamic nation, Separation of Church and state prevents Islam from imposing sharia law.

    Back to Globalization, there could never be a single government in control. The UN is made up on two levels- The general Assembly and the Security council. The general assembly changes its members every ten years while the five nations of the security council- U.S., Russia, France, Britain, and China- are permanent members. I think the UN needs improvement and all, but the sovereignty of countries in the General assembly and even the Security council must be questioned if under international law, the government is hurting their people. As we see with Syria, we have the Security council that acted slowly and with its head rather than its guns.

    If another country is massacring its people in a way that they cannot defend themselves, the UN must be given the right to take that government down. If the Security council is the one doing over individual countries like America, No Self Interest Can be sought!

  • Of Course Not!

    The UN had done far more harm than good and has consistently protected some of the worst people/regimes on the planet. The UN has no right, and deserves no right to enter a territory that isn't theirs and "take over" a sovereign nation's government. "Taking over struggling governments for a short time to help them get back on their feet" is something I'd expect to hear from the Kremlin after the Iron Curtain came down.

  • No, no, no!

    It's a freaking globalist setup! I am one liberal who stands against globalism because it can and will turn out bad. Absolute power given to anyone other than God, corrupts absolutely, no freaking doubt. Don't believe me? Ask many of the Roman, Greek, Egyptian and other Empires. They all died because they tried to own the world and that opened them up to internal corruption, and backstabbing. My God, sheeple will fall for anything. Do you really want all of that power concentrated in one entity? Imagine the human rights abuses. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

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