• Yes, the U.N. needs to investigate U.S. drone strikes to monitor the intentions, protocols, and outcomes of such strikes.

    If there are no investigations following U.S. drone strikes, how are we going to know who to hold accountable for what? Just as all international goings on are closely documented, we must document and investigate drone strikes for the sake of our future. Knowing where we have come from and what we've done will always dictate where we are going. No one should receive a free pass when it comes to intelligence, security, and the freedom of the people of the world.

  • Yes, it's a responsibility.

    Yes, the U.N. should investigate U.S. drone strikes because we should expect the same treatment that is given other countries, and drones are an extremely serious and even civilian issue. The U.S. should expect to be investigated and should halt it's use of drones. This kind of devastation is totally unnecessary and the potential consequences are inhumane, which makes it the business of the U.N.

  • YES

    I'm not big lover of the United Nations by a long shot, but I do believe that they need to address the United States' use of drone strikes on people in other countries.

    There needs to be some sort of accountability on the part of my country. We can't just expect other countries to bow to that sort of investigation and questioning without doing the same thing ourselves.

    It makes us look weak, like bullies, and like we have something to hide. The rest of the world is already twitchy enough about our huge military spending. We don't need to give them reason to be even more so.

  • I have to say no simply because of the fact that the U.S. preety much makes the U.N. lol

    The U.S. is the U.N.'s number 1 support which is something the author of this question didn't realize and neither do some people today. THe U.S. acts in issues more then any other country as well due to being world police. So yeah as long as the U.S. makes up most of the U.N. the U.N. practically is with the U.S so this will not happen is my point. The U.S> has to much power/influence in the U.N.

    I agree drone strikes are bad and violate international laws but the U.N. will not investigate at all so it's a no.

  • No - The United States is the Police of the World

    The United States is not necessarily above the law. But the United States enforces the law. In countries where dictators are oppressing their people, the United States steps in and takes them down. Drones are merely used as needed. Therefore, I think that as long as the United States is bettering the world, it should be allowed to be left alone to its devices.

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