Should the U.N. make it a priority to deter a country's military from trafficking food into starving countries?

  • It is a wide problem.

    This is one of the biggest problems with charity. The West wants to help developing countries. Often, there is enough food to go around if only it could be perfectly distributed. Unfortunately, often these governments are corrupt and the military will take the food for itself or they will sell it for arms.

  • The amazing result of socialism!

    It's not a surprise when a country falls apart, every man looks out for himself and those closest to him. This means if your country is starving to death, the people with the guns are going to be kings. The UN should stay out of it so that the rest of the world can watch the breathtaking collapse and learn from the repeated mistakes of the socialists who think they can run everything.

  • No, the UN should not deter a country from trafficking food into starving countries

    No, the UN should not make it a priority to deter a country's military from trafficking food into starving countries. There are more serious issues that they need to prioritize. If they want to address this issue it should not be to deter food trafficking, but to help supply food to these countries so trafficking is not needed.

  • I don't think the U.N. should interfere with militaries providing aid to countries in need

    If the U.N. attempts to deter countries' militaries from aiding starving nations then the existence of the U.N. should be brought into question. I feel militaries should not only fight wars and protect their nations but also offer assistance to people in need. They have the logistics and resources available as well as the protection to keep food and other aid out of the hands of criminals.

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