• Strengthening our military and mantaining safe shipping lanes

    As an American I'm extremely worried about Chinese American relations I believe what keeps China in check is the enormous US debt. I don't like the fact that we pay China humongous intrest payments every month on the other side of the of this debate the debt might very well keep China from acting hostile towards the US with that said I'm really worried that one day in the not to distant FUTURE we might be at WAR with them. With WEAK MINDED leaders like Obama the only thing he didn't do in his 8 year run was get on his knees and kiss the Chinese Presidents ASS. Thank GOD we have an intelligent take no shit tough as NAILS President Trump to keep them on there toes. I PRAY everyday that America will never ever have to go to WAR with any SUPER POWER. However now with NORTH KOREA in the mix I'm worried about where Kim Jung''s submarines are located we must CRUSH the WEAK DEMO(RATS) opposition to Trump strengthening our military we must PERFECT our ANTI-MISSILE capabilities to shoot down any incoming THREATS from any country.

  • They don't play by the rules

    China is like the Europeans in that if they don't like a rule then they don't follow it. You say they can't build islands and they do anyway. They want to control their sphere of the world and the US is in the way. They are smart in that they are patient and they realize they are climbing and the US is declining. Give it twenty years and let's see what things look like.

  • China will never own United States of America

    Because America will have more factories making items here in America, and always do export around the world. Make more items in America are top quality control, in industry, manufactures teaching, and product are of best quality, best in the World, everyone wants, items from USA YES OF COURSE! THE BEST IS AMERICA GOODS...........

  • T t t

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  • Potential WWI all over again...

    If you really take into consideration he events that occurred with Germany and the U.S. we didn't feel as though we should worry about it, and we ended up joining the war anyways did we not? No worrying, or at least precautions, equals a potential war. Not a good turn out for either party.

  • Americas Strength is only in Chinas and the worlds tolerance of us

    With China backing a lot of Americas debt, Americas dominance is largely a facade. The Great Recession is one example. 40% of the money used to Bail out the banks came from China. Our spending policies are outrageous. 3 or 4 times having to raise the debt ceiling because we are spending money we dont have. The money we borrow leaves America in a fragile position. All this while the massive trade imbalance we have with China and the outsourcing of our jobs to their country continue to occur. China has upticked their military spending 12%. They already have the largest land army in the world. They have just showed they are not afraid to flex their muscle by sending their Navy just 12 miles off the Alaskan coast...While President Obama was there visiting (How is that for a wake up call) So long as our businesses continue to provide infrastructure and a direct mechanism within their own country to cripple us here, we are definitely not in a good position. Our "Perceived" power is just that...PERCEPTION. We may have an advanced Army, but no country can survive if its infrastructure cannot stand.

  • China plays a major role in the future of America

    We are on the verge of hitting an economic collapse. China is holding off the collapsing of our dollar by continuing to use it but things may change and not in favor of the U.S. If China goes to using their own or another currency instead of the U.S dollar, then it will collapse soon after and then inflation goes up, people get desperate, etc. We definitely should be worried about China and carefully watch it's next actions.

  • The States should be concerned about China

    China is a serious economic threat to the United States. They have the ability to produce items at a lower cost than in the states because their economy is very deregulated. Furthermore, free trade favors them far more than it favors us. China has a growing economy that is an obvious that to America.

  • China will no doubt be a major player on the Global stage in the 21th Century

    The US should be concerned about rising Chinese influence, though that is not to say that we should approach China exclusively with suspicion.
    While China will be increasingly influential, the US also stands to gain from China's growing middle class and should pursue economic strategies that prove that the 2 global powers have more to gain through economic cooperation rather than military competition

  • Yes, the USA should be worried about China.

    Even though America has a great potential to overcome this economic downturn and to be a world leader in not only in economy and science, Americans should not have confidence in their potential unless the whole country accept the potential of China to intimidate her position in the world and willingly undergo systematic changes. Chinese are not less smarter than American. China have been efficiently revamp all the system nationwide to be world leading country with the concentrated power, which the USA is lacking but is needed to efficiently respond to rapid change in the world.

  • America's Strength is in Innovation and hard work.

    The Country:
    The US has always been known for innovation. We must sustain this lead in order to continue to have the advantage in the world economy. It would also be nice to see manufacturing return to us in some capacity. China will continue to struggle for generations to think outside of the box and to manage it's enormous population. However, there is tremendous potential in China. They are hard working and determined and are making strides in many areas. It appears to me that they have taken some of the ingredients we have lost over the years.

    The People:
    The Chinese populous idolizes the western lifestyle and culture. They want the real made in the USA goods (and I'm not talking about a made up region pronounced "oosa!" Their economy is going through it's own struggles and their growing middle class wants a better life!

    This new growth and an equalized regulatory environment should help us balance the trade/commerce.

  • Debt

    The amount of debt China is in with America is unreal, if America threats to pull out of trading with china, then there's nothing. Overall I feel at the moment America has nothing to worry about. I feel China is up and coming big time but they are not adapt to likes of America who is a huge threat to every country I believe.

  • Free Market Trumps Socialism Every Time

    The Chinese system of doing things will fall or adapt eventually. A free market economy demands that workers in China will eventually get better wages and goods from China will eventually be more expensive. The Chinese government will change someday when the young people take back their power and see that democracies are better forms of government.

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