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  • Why would we?

    The deposed Thai government was not democratically elected to rule the country before so it is just a change from one dictator to another. Furthermore no international laws have been broken. The American Military is already overstretched. Unless they adopt a genocidal or nuclear programs we should just let them do their own thing. Also make sure Americans can still visit there as it is a beautiful country.

    Not our problem. As long as they are not anti-America

  • No it's not our problem

    While I am disappointed that the general of the Thailand military claimed days before that the recent declaration of martial law was just to protect the country's citizens and promised it was not a coup. Then out of nowhere the military has overthrown the prime minister and is running the country. While I don't really understand the reasons for the coup I strongly believe that this is not in the U.S. best interest to get involved unless the embassy is overthrown or acts of genocide are committed and that applies for every country.

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Mike01506 says2014-05-24T10:41:56.353
This question sums america up in a nutshell