• We absolutely should

    You must think, If nobody starts World War 3 who will? America is known to start wars when our economy is bad, So now would be a better time than ever. If you say no then you don't care about our economy. Let's go Donny. Fix this economy the only way you, And America always has.

  • We totally should

    We have so much power and joining forces with the right countries like russia and china we are the most powerful places right now we could even possibly overthrow a bunch of land and then the whole world could just be split between russia america and china but then again we would probably go to war with each other at some point and destroy all of humanity if we hadn't already with all the nukes from a possible ww3

  • What! ? ! No! No!

    Are you INSANE? ! A 3RD WORLD WAR, NO! Who is idiotic enough to do that? ! Sure economy might be bad, But money is nothing compared to the MILLIONS that are sure to die. If you think there should be a 3rd world war I'm sorry, But you are so WRONG!

  • I am trashman

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