• It would stimulate the economy.

    Yes, I think that the US should abolish federal taxes as a means to stimulate the economy. Without a federal tax, it would allow Americans more spending power and would provide a tremendous boost to a lagging economy. States could be in charge of their own taxes to pay for things such as infrastructure and welfare programs.

  • No, that's just silly.

    Abolishing federal taxes would be disastrous. We wouldn't have any government programs besides social security, and the states would still be broke on their meager state tax income. And then, with the lack of social programs and government agendas, our economy would plunge into chaos. Does that really sound like a good idea?

  • We Need That Money For Government Programs

    Abolishing federal taxes makes no sense from a financial stand point. We need that money for government services to run, services like the military, disaster relief, and government aid programs. Getting rid of taxes at this level would be disastrous. There would be absolutely no reason to get rid of them.

  • Abolishing federal taxes would be a tragedy

    Abolishing federal taxes is a mistake that most people don't understand the implications to this decision. At first most people would love the added income that this would create, but the problem is that they would start to see the decay of other services. Without federal government receiving money for services, they would have to cut highway projects, fire every employee of the government including the military, and they would have get rid of many people that help to make sure that our constitutional rights are still upheld. Some would say that these services would go to a private company but there is no way of knowing if this would result in more money spent or less. The truth is that we don't realize how much the federal government provides to us using our tax money until it is all gone.

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