• Yes we should

    We can not deny people safety from isis, just because of their religion. That is extremely cruel. We must be careful about who we let in, as two of the Paris terrorists posed as Syrian refugees to enter Europe. We can be careful and compassionate. Its not an either or. We should not make knee jerk decisions, after attacks, like what happened in paris, that we will regret later. Plus we have to hep Europe out since those countries are taking more immigrants than they can handle.

  • It's the morally responsible decision.

    It is important to accept refugees and to treat them like our brothers and sisters. We cannot let the fear that someone who shouldn't come in may sneak in as a refugee. After all, the easiest way to fight back against the hate of the people that caused the refugee crisis is love and compassion. No matter what we do, there is always a risk.

    In my view, the refusal of refugees is also a risk. Showing hostility and hate on our end by making people feel unwelcome creates hostility and hate among others. But the difference is when we are hostile, that hate is such that we only have ourselves to blame.

    At the least, when we show compassion, we can create a space where we can build bridges toward peace in the long term. I admit that it might carry short term risks, but the difference is hostility will create more long term enemies that will carry on for generations. With compassion, eventually those who hate us now will wither away over time.

  • Accept refugees in moderation

    I believe the US should accept refugees but only those that submit to agree to take jobs and contribute to the countries economy. If after say six months they have made no effort to locate work then they should no longer be allowed to stay in the country. Help those who also help themselves.

  • Compassion on ALL People

    There are plenty of refugee organizations that work with government officials to carefully accept a certain amount of refugees. Such organizations help them assimilate into our culture by placing them in host homes, helping them find jobs, and introducing them to the culture as a whole. Though in certain parts of the U.S. overcrowding is an issue, there are plenty of cities that have few people. Host homes in less populous areas will open up. We must help our allies in Europe by shouldering part of the cost of this crisis. Refugees in the past have made no significant change to how we live our lives. Some even went to college, became doctors, and even joined the U.S. armed forces. The risk of terrorism from these refugees will likely not be a problem because representatives of these organizations have a highly selective process. If it makes anyone feel any better they can have random house checks or anything else. But these people deserve a chance at something better than death.

  • They will take care of themselves.

    I have seen footage of what is happening in Syria and it is horrifying. Put yourselves in their shoes imagine that it was your government pointing its mortars at hospitals and schools. You would expect other countries would understand you have no where else to go and accept you. Just think about what you would do in their shoes.

  • We need to help them.

    If we turn away these refugees, they will almost defiantly die, we know this and yet are still arguing it, I get the fear, but a lot of these refugees are kids. At the very least we should be letting in parents with kids, and screening the parents. It is heartless to turn away people in need.

  • Border control now

    While it is the humanitarian thing to take in Syrian refugees, we already have an overpopulation problem here in the US and accepting more bodies at this point is unacceptable. We need to draw the line somewhere. We do not have the resources to continue at this rate. Tighten the borders now!

  • No terrorist and freeloaders

    These so called "refugees" are more of economic migrants.If they really wanted to just be safe they could stay in greece but no most of them go to germany and sweden for the welfare.They demand housing when countries own citizens don't have housing and food.We should give housing to AMERICANS not syrian economic migrants/terrorist.Poland hasn't accepted refugees and they dont have rape and terrorist attacks.Countries have their own problems and they should fix their own problems the syrians should fight the war.

  • Getting garbage in the country, for what?

    Not at all. For what? To damage the country? Canada's pathetic laws are just that. They get loads of these so called refugees, and half of them are cheats who lie and aren't 'fleeing' from anything. They want to use the money of HARD WORKING earners and have NO gratefulness. They bring their vulgar, backwards crap with them and have NO respect for people around them. MOST of these so called 'syrian refugees' are shitty people who harass others and expect to live in the comfort of others' earnings. They have no respect for CANADIAN laws yet they are brought in just like that. But intelligent immigrants from India and whatnot aren't accepted without rigorous tests and garbage.

    Everyone around the world 'dies'. Getting everyone in isn't the solution. If these people actually come and WORK and pay for themselves and RESPECT canadian people, they can stay. It's easy to throw out 'oh get them in' but what are the implications and the lesson? The lesson is let's save the entire world and get every suffering human in our country, and the implication is to suffer their backwards thinking that causes havoc. Having lived near two filthy refugee neighbours and my friends having lived near some too, it can be accurately said that MOST of these pieces of shits are uncouth, vulgar, disgusting specimens who shouldn't be here. You won't believe how much harassment they cause to real canadians despite being the beggars whose lives were just saved.

  • Protect our country

    I believe That people that are threatened by Isis including the U.S should bomb the part of Syria that Isis has taken over and not let refuges in the United States. That terrorist disguise themselves as refugees and come in and attack. Also we do not have enough money to provide for Syria we are already in debt 18 trillion why would we take on more people to have job, shelter, food, etc. when the the money that we would put into refugees could go to are homeless soldiers. Also Isis has already taken over more than half of Syria and the 3.9 million are already dying of either trying to get to a safe place or are dying in there own country. Bomb Syria and wipe out everything so that we cut of Isis training and their way of coming to attack the U.S and other countries. Either the come attack us or we attack them. Are troops are dying are people are dying Isis will take over unless we take action. Are country is no longer safe we don’t know who theses refugees ( people) or where they will go or what the will do when they come. We need to take care and protect are country. What is the goal of letting the refugees to let Isis take over Syria or to get rid of Isis training spot.

  • As much as they need help, no

    It's sad that these people have to go through so much, but the sad truth is, we cannot except people into this country if they are potential terrorists. If even 1 in 100 is a terrorist, tat could mean thousands of dead Americans. As bad as things are in Syria, they need to be sent home for the safety of Americans.

  • In the long run I don't believe this is a good idea.

    It is a very admirable thing to do, to help those in need of aid. However, to do so may mean ignoring these things: any one of them could work for ISIS, be an ISIS supporter, end up sympathizing with ISIS due to how they'll probably be treated once they get here, and you'd also have to consider how they would be monitored (if they'll be monitored, which if they're not, can lead to some overlooked issues). I fear that if something were to happen people will be likely in favor of something similar to how the Japanese/Americans were treated in World War 2.

  • We need to be cautious.

    I heard about how the Director of the FBI, James Comey, warned legislatures that we will not be able to query 100% of the refugees that are expected to enter the country. Logically, it seems reckless to let unknown refugees enter a country that resides on the Middle East's "hit list."

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