Should the U.S. add photo warnings to cigarette packs?

  • Still their choice

    People still can choose to smoke, the only reason why I say yes is because people should see the consequences, unlike blindly choosing to smoke. They must see the long term effect, before choosing, they basically unknowingly doing the research of what would happen which won't harm them. At least the now what to expect when the do choose to smoke.

  • Yes! Smoking is bad!

    Smoking is dangerous and has lead to many health issues with terrible side effects. Although the tobacco industry is a business that relies on sales of tobacco, it should not be supported in America. The good of the people is more important than a profit for a business. Also, the photo warnings that would be exposed to all of society could turn some unaware people away from cigarettes, especially children. Yes, it is true that most people are aware that smoking is dangerous, but not everyone understands the extent of the repercussions of smoking. Therefore, photo warnings can enlighten consumers and prevent smoking in America and would be a good step towards a better nation.

  • Any Prevention is Better Than None

    Any methods the United States government can use to prevent youth from smoking and drinking is a good thing. Adding graphic photos to cigarette packages is one way to try to prevent people from smoking in the first place. Smoking is a horrible addiction. The FDA should take the cigarette photos one step further and do the same with alcohol--put pictures of drunk driving victims on beer packages and see how many people drink.

  • Word warnings don't seem to be working

    Yes. I think that the US should add a photo warning to cigarette packs. Words do not seem to be enough in understanding the damage that smoking does not only to the smoker, but also those around him or her. Granted, pictures may not work either, but a photo is worth a thousand words. It may reach someone.

  • Why not?

    There is no negative effect to it. It can really only convince someone even more to stop smoking. A few words of warning on the box may not be enough for some to really comprehend what could happen to them in the close future. Plus, young children who see the images will quickly learn that smoking is a negative thing - maybe they don't understand the words but a 'scary picture' stapled to 'Smoking' in their memories can do good for their future decisions with smoking.

  • Yes, it couldn't hurt.

    Although you would think everyone is well aware of the dangers of smoking, having a graphic picture may be the push some people need. It's one think to know that the cigarettes are turning your lungs black, it's another thing entirely to see a picture of someone's lungs rotting from years of smoking. Anything that prevents people from starting to smoke is a good thing.

  • Would not help.

    There are already companies that do this in various other places, it will show a picture of the damage that smoking can do. The problem with this is that people already know what smoking can do but they just do not care. They will keep on smoking because they enjoy it and feel that the statistics will not relate to them.

  • Seems pretty unnecessary

    All smokers are aware of the health risks and photo warnings haven't curbed smoking in the European countries where photo warnings are printed on the packaging. It seems to be unnecessary and the sort of thing that might put graphic designers working for tobacco companies out of the job. What's good health if you're unemployed?

  • Photo Wanrings Not Needed

    Everyone currently understands the risks associated with smoking tobacco products. As of now, the manufacturer already has to place written warnings on every pack of cigarettes. I feel this is enough. I think the tobacco companies have a product to sell and despite their health risks there are still people that prefer to use them. They already have the information about its risk, that should be enough.

  • No. It is overkill.

    At this point, I am not sure how someone could not possibly know all of the negative effects of smoking. It is constantly talked about on TV, in newspapers, by doctors, and among friends in day to day conversation. The written warnings are sufficient. Showing people photos is not going to change their behavior if they haven't changed it already.

  • Packs Are Fine The Way They Are

    I do not think photo warnings should be added to packs of cigarette. There is already a pretty big warning on every box sold that blatantly tells you that you will get cancer from smoking the product. If that doesn't stop smokers nothing will. Adding photos is too much and unnecessary.

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