Should the U.S. adopt a different method of electing its president?

  • Yes, it's time

    The popular vote needs to count for something. Perhaps not a full transition from abandoning the electoral college altogether in favor of the popular vote, perhaps a combination of the two, but it should have some influence. It's very difficult to come up with an explanation for why what a majority of the country wants shouldn't matter.

  • YES, the U.S. should adopt a different method

    The current method we have right now is really unfair. Look at what just happened in the last election; more than half of the States voted for Romney, yet Romney lost due to electoral votes. I don't believe electoral votes should differ from State to State. I actually think electoral votes should be eliminated. Let the vast majority of voters elect the president.

  • Yes, the time has come for a popular vote.

    Early on in our history, when we were just a collection of states and needed a compromise, we adopted the current system. Over time we have come to believe even more strongly in the notion that everyone's vote should count equally, though this does not happen in the Electoral College setup. We need a popular vote where one person equals one vote. We could do something to require candidates to visit rural areas and small states to ensure that those voices are heard, but ultimately every vote should count the same.

  • No, the U.S. should not adopt a different method of electing its president.

    No, I don't believe that the U.S. should adopt a different method of electing its president. While there are a number of criticisms that can be made about the electoral college, what people don't understand is that it is the best way to accurately include everybody's decision in choosing a nominee. A popular vote may seem like a better idea, but there are some areaas with ten times the population of others, and when most of these people subscribe to one political party's ideas, it creates and unfair advantage in numbers, which is why the electoral college is better.

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