• More variation would result in higher voter turnout

    As of now, America is one of the largest democratic countries with so few choices as far as parties go. If we adopted a multi-party system, The rigid dichotomy between the Democratic and Republican parties would disappear and the many other parties, As well as newly formed parties from the many variations of the main two parties, Would rise and all of the parties would have equal power. In turn, Their ideals would be equally communicated with the public so that when elections come around people would truly vote for what they believe in. Although many people may think that people would be opposed to having to research the views of each of the parties on their own, There are enough people that are enraged with our current political system that they would willing to do just that. There is too much diversity in this country and too many different ethnic groups represented for essentially only two parties to have a say in our government.

  • The only reasonable way out

    It would end the current polarisation that obviously leads to stagnation, it would urge to forming coalitions that demand solid reasoning, actual listening to an opponents views, building bridges and inventiveness. And, perhaps most important, it requires voters to more specifically choose a vision and a program rather than a person.

  • More Choice, More Options

    Neither Democrat nor Republican represents the people. There are third parties that better represent us. So...Multiple parties better help us to get more people to support our view. Take Donald and Hillary. Need I say more. Well...No! For example, the green party represents strong environmental feeling, while libertarians represent less government. So, overall there will be More Choice, More Options

  • We need a Multi-Party System

    All I have to say is look at the two nominees we currently have, Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Do I need to say anymore? Are either of those two fit to be president? I would say no! If we had a strong multi-party system there is a chance that we could have a better candidate than Trump and Hilary!

  • Multi-Party Systems offer more choice, more consensus, and more stability.

    A system of multiple parties would allow every voice to be heard, and prevent the kinds of "hostile takeovers" and unpopular nominees seen in 2016. Multiple parties also move towards the center to reach consensus, whereas a two party system leads to polarization and in some cases, extremism. A centrist governing coalition would provide more stability for the American people as government would not sway from left to right after every election.

  • We need a multi party proportional representation system

    The way we currently have it is there are 2 parties that win in districts that are winner take all. Having the 2 parties it leaves out half the country it pushes people to chose the lesser of 2 evils and the system stays the same the corruption increases. Having it winner take all puts all the other votes as that they don't count whichever party that had the most votes gets all the representation everyone else gets none. It is a undemocratic system the idea of having a representative democracy is to have representatives that represent their constituents. Having proplortional representation gives minor parties a voice which in countries that have that system they get more voter participation which means that more people have a say in government which allows for move open discussion about issues and it requires the parties to collaborate instead of just yell at each other which is unproductive. We need real discussions about real issues not just name calling and mudslinging.

  • One representative pr state leads to just two parties in charge, causing votes to be "wasted"/not represented

    Imagine a state with 90 parties, one get 3% of the votes there, but most just 1%, or 2% yet a single representative not wanted by 97% of the votes ends up winning, forcing people to vote for parties they disagree with to have an impact against a greater evil.

  • Join the Modern World: Get a proper Democracy!

    Not to spout off about Canada....But Canada has had a successful Multi-Party system for many years. It works quite well.

    I think it's high time people realize that they are in an Oligarchy. Republican or Democrat, on the big issues they fall rather close to each other. Two sides of the same coin, you might say. They need to be thrown out.

  • Absolutely yes yes

    I'm sick of always hearing the Democrats and the Republicans!
    In Europe most countries have a multi-party system (usually five major parties per country). Imagine what we could do if the Green Party was one of the major parties. They could form a coalition with the Democrats and other progressive parties and we could finally have some serious reforms like providing free universal healthcare for all, abolish the death penalty and fight back against corprotism. Also there should be a direct democracy like in Switzerland or Iceland.

  • There are many people who feel in-between about certain issues.

    The problem is, they don't feel represented in their views, as stated by a previous Pro. There's no gray area; you either choose one way, Republican, or another, Democrat. The other parties, such as the Green Party, are so under whelmed at the polls that there's almost no point for them to try. In the 2012 presidential election, Jill Stein, the presidential candidate for the Green Party (again, used as an example), received way less than 1% of the popular vote. Seeing such numbers might discourage moderate voters from abiding by their beliefs or even voting, and they may force themselves to choose either Republican or Democrat, whichever party happens to represent their views most closely. This isn't right.

    However, it's up to the public, really. I don't know exactly how a stronger multi-party system (than we currently have) would be successfully endorsed other than the political sway of the populace. Considering that the U.S. is deeply rooted in this two-sided party system, I doubt that the change will be overnight. Regardless, hopefully a multi-party system will arise some day.

  • It already has one

    We already have a multi party system. If you think we need one go join a party outside of the big 2. Then maybe we will you backing up your beliefs rather than just saying things then doing the opposite, disappointing you think that there is only 2 parties in the USA.

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