Should the U.S. also be focusing on terrorist attacks in places other than Paris, such as those in Beirut?

  • Yes, because terrorism knows no boundaries

    Yes, because human life should be valued the same. It shouldn't be important whether the victims are French or Arabs, Christians or Muslim. The terrorists should be hunted down and punished for every crime they commit, otherwise we are sending the message that some people are more important than others. We must all stand united in this fight against global terrorism if we want to have any chance of succeeding.

  • U.S Should Focus elsewhere too.

    In the climate in which we live today, being safer than sorry is always best. In the case of the France shootings and bombings, The United States of America would be remiss in not covering all of their leads. Therefore I support the idea of looking into Beirut as well for evidence of terrorist activity.

  • All victims should be commemorated - but not at the expense of one another.

    Whenever a terrorist attack hits the West there is an inevitable clamour about atrocities committed in areas not so close to home which we have been blithely unaware. This often ends up with a crass attempt to deal in grief and misery in terms of numbers – an atrocity in the Congo ‘wins’ the argument because more people died there than in France, for instance. This is tremendously disrespectful to all of the victims; both the ones who died in Paris whose deaths are being disregarded, and those elsewhere whose lives are reduced to a cheap political point.

    However, despite the crass way that this argument is often framed it is important for countries such as the US to look beyond their own country and their allies for empathetic victims. The people in Beirut are no less deserving of our sympathy than the ones in Paris.

  • The U.S cannot fight terrorism all over the world

    Though the world is a global community, and the United States has an important seat at that table, the country is having a difficult time dealing with domestic concerns of its own. When the U.S keeps treating terrorism all around the globe as if it is a traditional war, it keeps the country perpetually fighting something that will never go away, and this keeps interests and resources abroad that need to be used within the United States. There is always evil in the world, and The United States must take care of its own before attempting something like ridding the world of terrorism.

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