• Shipping Away The Wrong People Is Wrong

    The U.S. needs to completely overhaul its immigration policies. Part and parcel to that is changing those who we deport. We get rid of highly educated skilled workers and ship them back to their country while they receive their education here. We could use those minds to help our country get better.

    Posted by: pdrm
  • Yes, the U.S. should alter its deportation policies.

    The U.S. most definitely needs to alter its deportation policies immediately. When an illegal immigrant is located in the U.S., that illegal needs to be arrested and shipped back to their country of origin with no delays. Furthermore, the illegal immigrant's home country needs to reimburse the U.S. for it's expenses in acquiring, holding, and transporting the illegal immigrant.

  • Yes, they are unfair.

    The U.S. should indeed alter its deportation policies to be fairer and more humane. Nearly every few days one hears or reads of another person being deported, whose circumstances make you question why because it appears to be inhumane and unfair, especially for people who have families in this country, children who are in school, and who are working.

  • Yes Illegal immigrants should be dealt with

    I understand that it is much easier to simply swim across the Rio Grande and climb a fence to get into America than it is to go through the legal process of acquiring a green card and being granted citizenship, but its not fair that some have went through the process and are rightfully treated as citizens. There are the illegal immigrants who are being treated exactly like every American citizen. The fact of the matter is that the illegals are costing the government tax dollars just like the legals are. All illegal immigrants should be given the option to go through the due process or be deported.

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