• It needs a little work

    Ilegal immigration is a problem yet some of these people are coming to get better education and job opportunities than they normally would get. These people come to escape hard times in there home country. In the past the immigration laws worked to an extent yet now I think they need to be fixed
    America is supposed to be a free country where immigrants can come to. Should be easier to become a legal citizen and achieve the American dream.

  • Yes the US should.

    The United States should alter its immigration policy to allow for it to be easier for immigrants who want to come into the United States legally. It should also be made harder for immigrants that are here illegally to stay in the country and the United States should be more vigilant in deporting illegal immigrants.

  • The Immigration Policy Needs An Overhaul

    I do not support illegal immigration nor do I support amnesty. However, our laws are outdated and the difficulty of becoming a citizen should be relaxed. In the past tougher laws were needed to prevent certain things, but now as America is more the melting pot than ever, we should take steps to making citizenship a bit easier than it used to be.

  • No they shouldnt because they cause so many problems

    I dont agree with your statement because they are the ones that dont listen to our immigration policy. They also affect crime rates in the U.S. About 1 million of them are on welfare too. They are taking our money. And they dont even pay there share of taxes. So after this you should think about it

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