Should the U.S. amend the Constitution to limit political spending?

  • Absolutely!!

    Can you imagine the amount of good that could have been done JUST with what was spent on the 2012 election? It was an exorbitant and quite frankly disgusting sum of money to be spent on something, there are so many things that could have been done with that money. The amount of money politicians and government in general spend in this country is positively obscene and there is no reason for it.

  • Yes, limit political spending, please do!

    This past election is such a clear example that political spending has to be controlled. It was all so unnecessary, and especially so because neither presidential candidate really used the money to explain their positions but instead to mud sling at each other. The entire time I was thinking of all the good uses that money could be spent on and the public would have been no worse off in deciding who to vote for. Watching all that money being spent makes it obvious that a lot of people think an election can be bought.

  • Yes, specifically around corporations.

    We saw in the recent Citizens United decision at the Supreme Court level that corporations are essentially considered people and that money is considered speech. So the only way, it seems, to reduce the corporate influence is to change the way that campaigns are financed and move to a more civil and more just platform like the ones used in France, Germany, Sweden, and other countries where elections are less polluted.

  • 1st Amendment

    While I agree that there is alot of shady spending in the political decision making process, the second you limit the amount of spending you infringe on our natural right to free speech. If I had the money, I would have found a way to give the Ron Paul campaign $100,000,001. I would have done so because I have a right to free speech and I can do with my money as I see fit. Once the government starts to dictate those individual decisions, we open ourselves up for the government to use this justification in other areas of our lives.

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