Should the U. S and Canada unite to form one country?

  • Both countries have similar cultures

    Canada and USA are much more similar than you think. British Columbia is basically an extension of Washington State. Ontario is basically Northeast USA. Maine is basically mini Quebec. Alberta is basically a bigger version of Montana. Manitoba is Minnesota with less people. Together, Canada and the US would fit in very well. Plus it would make it easier for all us to get to Alaska.

  • Let's add Mexico in and have the Confederation of the United Nations of North America!

    The Headline sums up my point.
    If President Trump were to create a Confederation deal with President Obrar, Then he wouldn't have to create a border wall.
    If President Trump were to create a Confederation deal with Prime Minister Trudeau, Then we could have an army the size of many nations. I believe it to be a good plan.

  • Yes Canada should join the United States.

    It would be beneficial to both Americans and Canadians. It would give the US a larger population and boost the economy. For Canadians they would be free to travel anywhere in the US without a passport. Culturally the two nations are similar, They have the same ideology and are both developed countries. I think Canada should become a US State or become a US territory.

  • The Bigger, The Better

    Thin about it. Canada = nice and syrupy.
    We need that.

    We will also become a meganantion and take over everyone else.

    Think of all the pancakes and waffles and bacon. Economically, Its a good choice because we will be rich in the growing syrup market.
    And that alone, Is a good enough reason to join CA.

  • Canada + USA = Nicer USA

    We need the nice like jackie deshannon say "all world need now is love, Sweat love" wise word form jackie deshannon woman, Yes. Because if there is no nice, World bad. Also we have the maple seerups. There is also meeses. Also mounties are kewl. Lewl. Anyway, Maple syurp and poutine is grate.

  • Why not? No issue seen. God bless American Imperialism.

    1. Canada needs a bigger population so most of these over 360+ million people can travel to Canada to create more jobs and boost the economy. People also complain

    2. Joint Military Boost
    If Canada and US merge their military, They would be unstoppable and North America would truly be unbeatable. They would also co-operate and they can send in troops to work the same objective but different positions. They have similar interests so they should work together and merge to form 1 nation to complete their goals.

    3. You can't really escape America
    Many people say Canada is their way of escaping the USA but you need to realize you can't. American Influence is everywhere, Corporations, Equipment, Governments, Influence, History, Etc. You cannot escape America if you're already living in it. Canada is like America but a lot more greener than usual.

    4. The Politics
    Republicans and Democrats aka the 2 party system is single highhandedly the greatest system out there. In Canada we have a complicated issue where our politics is a clusterfuck, We have over 5 parties and nobody can tell who is who. Republicans are for Right Wing people and Democrats are for Left Wing people and YOU CAN ACTUALLY CHOOSE WHO YOUR CANDIDATE IS! God Bless America and their imperialism. God bless the Western World and Canada. FORM THE NATION GOD DAMMIT!

  • I like American imperialism.

    Canada has a lot of natural resources that could benefit the U. S and the U. S is one of the most powerful countries in the world. A united country between both of these countries would most likely be the most powerful country in the world. Also I want some of that syrup.

  • Not really feasible.

    Who out of the two leaders would control the territory?

    Conflicting laws and governments: who would be the ruling government? Would the laws in canada still exist? Would those laws pour into America?

    Citizenship: Would a canadian or american State ID be valid at all in this united country?

    Social issues: The political climate in America is bad but i'm not sure Canadians would be too happy to learn that their country would be merging with the very country they despise.

  • Who's gonna 'rule' over all this land? !

    Sure, We'd be pretty powerful, But as my headline says, I'm not sure this would be wise. I'm not a history person but i remember a lesson where there was this empire that grew to big to be controlled by one person (ottoman empire? Rome? This Asian dude, Lets call him "M" died and his land fell to his 4 sons who fought over it. . . ) and the people a vastly different from american people. So lets not.

  • Canada is my escape from America

    A lot of Americans want to annex Canada and it would suit them well but not Canadians. They want their oil and resources and companies want to exploit the land as much as they can.
    Then America is very dangerous with all of their violence, It would best to let them collapse rather than to join them.

  • Not a good idea.

    Canada seems to have very less problem than U. S. , So the U. S. Is experiencing economic and justice problem. Please, There is no need to compromise the peace and order of Canada. I've been planning to move to Canada one day, Because traveling to another country far away is very expensive.

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