• Why not? There are no drawbacks.

    Increased communication and trade can only benefit both countries. If you resume commercials flights you not only increase access for people to visit family members, but you increase the intellectual and cultural exchange between the two countries. I know some people are against cultural "pollution", but I see no reason to prevent it.

  • The U.S. should resume commercial flights with Cuba.

    The goal of banning U.S. commercial flights to Cuba was to isolate the country and starve it out until its government either conceded to American demands or its government collapsed. Neither of those things has happened since the embargo was implemented in 1960. Isolation has obviously failed. Resuming commercial flights cannot be any worse. If anything it will show average Cubans how Americans live. And if anything that might be the force that creates change in Cuba.

  • I think that U.S and Cuba should resume commercial flights.

    I believe that the U.S and Cuba should resume commercial flights. The reason I believe this is because it has been a long time since the Cuban missile crisis, and it is time that the two countries stopped the standoff. Also by having the U.S and Cuba resume commercial flights it would bring a lot of tourism to both countries.

  • US and Cuba should have resumed commercial flights a long time ago

    I believe that US and Cuba should have resumed commercial flights a very long time ago. What is done is done and what is in the past is indeed in the past. Lets go ahead and start fresh with Cuba and enjoy air travel to and from the US and Cuba.

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