Should the U.S. and Europe blame themselves for their current levels of debt?

  • Yes, but we won't

    Yeah. The reason we owe so much money is because we refuse to say no to ourselves. We have millions of starving people? Let the government feed them. The government has tons of money. The government is responsible for it's own finances, which we can clearly see is not working.

  • We've walked into it.

    Yes, the U.S. and Europe should blame themselves for their current levels of debt, because we have seen this problem coming for a long time. No politician, or Congress, wants to be the ones to cut pet projects. But we have known about the creeping debt, and it is finally the time of reckoning.

  • yes we should

    Yes, they do need to blame them selves for the debt that we are in. Here in the US the government was the ones that ended up causing our huge debt, since we were spending a whole lot and not putting it all back like we should have been doing.

  • Yes, they should.

    They are the ones who spent the money, so they should be the ones blamed for the current levels of debt. But something that many people don't understand is that debt isn't always a bad thing. In fact, many times, it's good as it shows your government is spending money on worthwhile projects instead of hoarding money.

  • Yes, we have gotten soft.

    If we are talking about individual debt in the United States an in Europe then yes the people themselves are responsible for their inability to delay gratification and save up for things. If we are talking about the nations themselves, then the leaders have been just as blameworthy for not treating the budget as something to be honored.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe the United States and Europe should blame themselves for their current levels of debt. I believe countries fall into debt in about the same way the common citizen does. I can understand the factors that led to my own debt, but that doesn't give me free range to blame everyone else for it. Same goes for governments.

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