• Yes, But It Won't Happen

    It would be great if the United States could do in Syria what it did in Libya: organize international military support and then step back. Only, that will never happen because the Russians support the current Syrian regime. Arming rebel groups is not the same as putting boots on the ground.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, let's not!

    Republicans, I have a message for you: We should stop going to war 24/7! I'm not saying that we shouldn't help the rebels, I'm just saying that we are involved in too many wars. If we were never involved in so many, we could have avoided conflict and tense relationships with numerous countries (i.e. DPRK, Iran, Cuba, etc.) I know that many people claim that there were threats from some countries, but many of them were not real. For instance, Bush thought that there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, yet guess what happened?: They weren't real. They were not real! So we gained nothing from the Iraq War except hatred from many Middle Eastern countries. Let's not arm the rebels and get ourselves involved in another war!

  • The US should not be arming Syrian rebels because they can be used against us later.

    Although I understand the purpose of why they would do so, I do not believe that it is in the best interest of the United States to participate in arming rebels. We should have learned from our past mistakes of arming rebels in Iraq and Afghanistan back in the 1980's. These people are desperate for help and leadership, but what assurances do we have that the weapons we are handing them today won't be used to kill our soldiers in the years to come. No military, even one as sophisticated and well trained as our own will ever be able to win a war in the Middle East because you can not defeat an idea.

  • No, we have spent too much money on wars in the Middle East.

    The truth is, we need to stay out of Syria for the time being. We have spent far too much money on the different wars in the middle east, and it is time that we as a nation save our pennies for something else. Syrian rebels can survive on their own.

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