• Supporting the Rebels Might Win Us Friends

    It is in the United States’ interest to arm the Syrian rebels. The rebellion seems
    likely to succeed eventually, and when it does we want the new government of
    Syria to consider us allies. Also, if we choose the faction we back with care, we
    may strengthen the moderate faction among the rebels. It’s a good idea to arm
    the rebels, and an even better idea to help the refugees, and support the camps
    and countries that shelter them. Supporting refugees is a non-violent way to try
    to win friends in the region.

  • No, the U.S. should not arm Syrian rebels.

    The United States does not have the money to be arming anybody. We have a national debt crisis that is eating away at the heart of our freedom. This epidemic must be fixed before we can consider assisting in any foreign affairs. The Syrian issue is just not relevant at this time.

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