Should the U.S. Army remain in Afghanistan?

Asked by: kimmi
  • Don't Turn Afghanistan into Vietnam problems.

    What the American People that are not on the Ground in these countries fail to realize is that progress of setting up a strong Government takes time. The Terrorist groups that we fight are better funded than the average city or town in these countries. If we leave before the help we are giving is complete we not only wasted our time but theirs as well. As a Vet i was enraged to hear Falluja and Ramadi falling back into the hands of Terrorist. I spent 2 combat tours in Iraq and 2 in Afghanistan. You can see that the US pulling out of Iraq is a perfect model for why pulling out too early can have detrimental effects on progress. Additionally, if we pull all of our Forward deployed troops back we would be inviting another terrorist attack to US Soil. Their are so many more reasons why pulling them back is a bad idea but sharing them all would take Hours!

  • I agree they should

    When we look at it from the perspective that we are sending unnecisary troops then no. But when we look at it morally then yes. Our troops are helping stop a possible progression of war. Other countries fear us, us keeping troops their are stopping wars and keeping peace for trade with other countries

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