Should the U.S. authorize the Keystone XL pipeline?

  • The Keystone Pipeline is a good way for America to get off of foreign oil and maybe start reducing our foreign debt.

    If the pipeline was built, then the country could start getting off of foreign oil supplies and maybe start selling off the excess to make some profit and reduce debt. Plus, there is so much oil in Alaska, in places that wouldn't harm the environment, that there isn't an argument there either.

  • US Oil Too

    Most of the opponents of this pipe line do not realize that the line will carry a huge volume of oil that is produced in the USA - An "on-ramp" for US oil is to be constructed near Brodus, MT for this purpose. Opponents also cite the pipeline crossing the Ogallala Aquifer - So What? The aquifer is alreay criss-crossed by thousands of miles of pipeline, but I guess that inconvenient fact escapes the knee-jerk reactionists

  • The US should authorize the Pipeline

    The keystone pipeline is a pipeline going from Canada to Texas. The creation and regulation of this pipeline would create an excess of twenty thousand jobs. President Obama refuses to allow this pipeline to be built, even though the steel will be made in America and it will put folks back to work.

  • Yes, the U.S. is in need of another oil supply

    I believe that it would be wise for the U.S. to authorize the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada to the United States because our country is in desperate need of an additional oil supply. Authorizing this pipeline would help ease the United States' dependency on foreign oil from the Middle East and OPEC, which would potentially alleviate the price of gas at the pump and strengthen national security.

  • The Keystone Pipeline Will Provide a New Source of Energy

    In this day of declining energy supplies and rising energy costs it is imperative that we find ways to tap new sources of energy and bring it to market. The Keystone Pipeline will bring energy from the sands in Canada to our US refineries to increase the amount of oil that is available to be refined into energy producing products. It also will reduce our dependance on oil from places like the mideast.

  • We need to get off of oil

    The last thing we need is another oil pipeline. There has been too much damage done to the environment due to oil exploration and oil drilling, and all so the oil companies themselves can make a profit. The oil drilled would not be used in this country anyway but sold to whoever is willing to pay the most for it. It's also past the time for us to start developing other sources of energy.

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