• Yes this must be banned for the sake of the children

    The only rights we should be discussing here are the rights of the children. The numbers are out and all reputable studies show that many if not most children raised by gay parents, whether adopted or biological, turn out to be gay or at least to have numerous gay relationships while they are trying to figure out who and what they are. These children, by their own account, experience sexual confusion after years of seeing their "parents" engage in activities that the rest of the world sees as perverted. They are tremendously harmed in this environment. With regard to gay male parents, the average length of their relationships is two years, hardly a stable home for a child. There are other serious concerns regarding gay men. The number of partners they have, even when married is quite large. Marriage in this community does not necessarily mean monogamy. Having so many gay men around a male child will increase his chances of being molested and yes, gay men account for 30% of same sex molestations of children. This is astounding considering that they represent only 2-3% of society. Gay men are also known for having large quantities of gay porn in the home. Lastly, the CDC estimates one in 5 gay men is carrying the HIV virus and numerous other deadly viruses as well due to unsanitary sexual practices. How can we place a child in a home like this? What if he grabs the wrong toothbrush one morning?

  • Informed kids should get to make a choice. Otherwise this is just another mode of social engineering.

    When a child has a say in a custody battle between biological parents, they should also get a say who they will be forced to live with until they grow up. Stop using children as props and tools to win political battles you can't otherwise!! That's the LIBERTY issue at stake..

  • Children have the right to diverse parents!

    Studies have shown that children who are raised by homosexuals have a greater tendency to attempt homosexual sex, and have a greater chance of having social problems or personal problems as the average child.
    The child would be denied a mother. Every boy needs a mom. At least divorced parents date, and many remarry. Homosexual couples would actually plan out a scenario where the child would never have a mom.
    Children learn how men relate to women, during childhood, so that they can relate to women they marry.
    Also, at age 4 the child bonds with the parent of the opposite sex. This could never happen if the boys mom was missing.
    Imagine the boy skins his knee, runs home bleeding, crying, and there's no mom to comfort him, only a man, pulling him close to his hairy chest, yuck! Little girls need a mom. What 12 yr old girl want a MAN to explain to her about her period? It's cruel!

  • No, definitely, never

    Having US Government to accept gay couple marriage doesnt mean that a child is implicated in both their ideas and opinions about same-sex marriage. Couples may have all the freedom to love each other, however we may all agree that gay or lesbian families aren't the same as heterosexual marriages. Here, we're putting in game the child's maturity and way to accept events or thoughts, we are risking both their personal development and self esteem.

  • A home is a home.

    The idea that two gay people are incapable or at least less capable at raising a child then the rampantly corrupt system of foster care is ridiculous. If two people are ready, willing, and able to raise a child, then why deny them? If one person claims to have this ability and happens to be gay, why would we deny them? If society is truly worried about the child growing up with same sexual ideas as the gay couple, put females with only gay guys and males with only gay women. Problem solved.

  • No The US Shouldn't Ban It

    I do not believe the United States should ban gay adoption. A person who identifies as homosexual should be afforded the same rights as any other individual, they are just as human. I believe it wrong to hold people back and it is wrong to judge people. You would have thought the land of the free would have figured this out by now.

  • Two-Parent Homes Are Needed

    The United States should further gay adoptions, so long as the adoptive parents can provide the same physical things as heterosexual parents such as food, clothing, shelter and an education. Traditional marriages fail in the U.S. at a rate of 50 percent. Kids from broken homes and single-mother households should be placed with homosexual couples more often when considering adoptions.

  • We shouldn't ban it.

    Studies have shown that children in a traditional family or a gay family are happy regardless. We should not ban gay adoption for that reason. Also, we have many children stuck in horrible living situations in orphanages. The orphanages are overrun with children who would take any type of parent to love them.

  • No, definitely not.

    If a gay person or a gay couple want to adopt a child, then they are bringing some love and light into the life of a child who would otherwise stay in foster care or be in an institution. The important things are the love and the resources available and these should be judged the same for all people.

  • Definitely Not.

    Banning gay adoption is just another way of removing the personal rights of humans who just happen to have a different sexuality than what is considered "normal." Studies have shown that children who are raised in a gay environment do not have a greater tendency to be gay, nor do they have a greater chance of having social problems or personal problems as the average child. It's like trying to ban single mothers or single fathers from having children. There shouldn't be a fear of a child growing up with a primarily male or primarily female influence. We should not take away an orphaned child's chance at being put into a loving, caring home just because the to-be parents happen to be of the same gender.

  • No, No, No

    Banning gay people or gay couples from adopting only means that there would be less children in loving, caring homes. Gay and lesbian couples are able to provide homes and families just as well as heterosexual people. Banning gay adoption ultimately means hurting children, and in the long run this ends up hurting society.

  • Certainly not

    If someone, be they single, straight, gay, trans, bi, anything, want to have a child, then they should be given the opportunity to have one. Of course, everyone should be proven fit to raise a child, be it with licenses, tests, or observances, but no one should be excluded from the opportunity to adopt.

  • No, not ever.

    The U.S. government should encourage all happy, healthy couples who wish to adopt to go ahead and do so. A person's sexuality should make absolutely no difference at all. After all, it's not gays who are creating more gays, it's straight people who are doing that! If a couple is qualified in all other ways, who they love should have no bearing on if they can adopt or not.

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