• It is harmful to people

    GMO are in alot of the cheaper foods so this means many low income people are forced to eat them and we know GMO are bad for health. Companies use GMO for their profit. They have only their best interest in mind and don't care about the poison they put in our food. People should want their food to be processed as little as possible and stop letting these companies poison our food.

  • Yes get rid of gmos

    Our bodies are organic. The body was not designed to handle synthetic or toxic waste! I believe that the amount of chemicals and gmos in our food may be causing the high rates of obesity and cancer in this country. Good nutrition is essential to health and wellness. It's just common sense.

  • How can these people be so ignorant???

    I am TOTALLY shocked to see so many people think GMO's are good. Look around. Why do you think have so may more occurrences of diseases? Why do you think kids are having so many health problems?? Blame it on everything else.
    We really need all these chemicals in are foods! It just proves that it doesn't matter how many people suffer as long as the big bucks can be made. What was wrong with our food before all this crap was introduced. These insecticides and pesticides are killing us all for the sake of money.

  • It can be killing us inside

    Big companies known for Gmo's such as Monsanto are not telling us the whole truth. Did you know Monsanto has a modified corn that when eaten by bugs makes their stomachs explode? Also there is one of the first long term studies done from the U.K that shows when eaten by rats gives them severe liver and kidney damage and mammary tumors. I don't want to be eating that food.

  • Contaminating all food supply

    This company has power. Power in the FDA and power over the people. We need to stop this corruption. There will be a time that there is no non-GMO crops. GMO seeds contaminate and mix with normal seeds. There will be a time when we no longer have a choice. And that is WRONG.

  • Study shows GMOs not worth the gamble to our health and the possibility of catastrophic mutations

    From the Union of Concerned Scientists:

    For years the biotechnology industry has trumpeted that it will feed the world, promising that its genetically engineered crops will produce higher yields.

    That promise has proven to be empty, according to Failure to Yield, a report by UCS expert Doug Gurian-Sherman released in March 2009. Despite 20 years of research and 13 years of commercialization, genetic engineering has failed to significantly increase U.S. crop yields.

  • GMOs are natural

    Yes, I believe that the U.S. should ban GMOs. In reality there is no need for GMOs. In the past, we did not have the knowledge to modify things in any way especial not genetically. It seemed to work in past and most would agree if it is not broke don't attempt to fix it. Natural items are fast becoming extinct in our technology driven world.

  • Stop it‘s Poisonous

    Why eat something with GMO? In my perfect little world genetically modified organisms would be illegal. Coming from a realistic perspective they should be labeled with symptoms too (either labeled or illegal).
    We’ll genetically modified organisms (GMO) does exactly how it sounds. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms. So what is a GMO? Let say farmers are planting strawberries, and the strawberries can’t stand cold climates, and the fruit ruins and the farmer can’t sell the fruits. There’s an Alaskan fish that can withstand such cold climates, and they use the gene of the fish and the scientist inject it into the strawberry. How do you genetically alter organism? We’ll first of you can’t change the gene unless you invade it. So you have an altered the gene with a virus and bacteria, and then the bacteria virus has to invade the genes of the organism (plants, animals, anything that is living). So the scientist injects the bacteria virus into the strawberry fish in order for it to turn into a manmade mutating genetically altered product to come to your local grocery store, and into your mouths. I’m just a regular normal citizen trying to inform others.
    You are what you eat. We’ll if I eat GMO’s and GMO’s are just invading bacteria virus then what does that make me? Good point. We’ll you and your children are part of this big scientific experiment that’s not contained, and has so many variables. SO in other word you are becoming Frankenstein as you read. How so? We’ll there was a scientific study done. Animals that were fed GMO’s had enormous health risk. What you may ask? They had insulin regulations, major changes in organs, changes in the gastrointestinal system, infertility, immune problems, and accelerated aging. Also after GM soy was introduced to the UK soy allergies had a 50% increase.
    In other countries ;like in India; they don’t have the right to eat what they want, but in America we do. Organic food prices are rising slowly but surely. You want to know why? Since GMO’s companies (like Monsanto) are buying land close to organic local farmers, and then crossbreeding their plant with the farmers. After that they sue the organic farmers for selling their GMO plants to others. The organic farmers have to sell the GMO plants then, or they can just quit. In this economy citizens contribute one million dollars. For an example the farmer gets ten dollars a day and he decides to get a haircut for five dollars, now the barber has five dollars to spend, and the barber pays the babysitter, and so on and so forth. Well what about the farmers in poor countries? Hard working farmers in India that are trying to feed their families, and keep them alive kill themselves because they can’t afford to pay for the new supplies they need for the new GMO seeds/plants.

  • Instead of fighting cancer – fight GMO - the thing that causes cancer

    Glyphosate exerted proliferative effects only in human hormone-dependent breast cancer. We found that glyphosate exhibited a weaker estrogenic activity than estradiol. Furthermore, this study demonstrated the additive estrogenic effects of glyphosate and genisein which implied that the use of contaminated soybean products as dietary supplements may pose a risk of breast cancer because of their potential additive estrogenicity.
    Researchers also determined that Monsanto’s roundup is considered an “xenoestrogen,” which is a foreign estrogen that mimics real estrogen in our bodies. This can cause a number of problems that include an increased risk of various cancers, early onset of puberty, thyroid issues, infertility and more.

  • There aren't enough independent studies done on the GMOs

    All of the studies and research done on the GMOs have been done by the companies themselves, these are the big companies who don't care about anything else apart from making money, if the long term effects of eating GMOs are liver cancer etc. Why would they care? The GMOs might even be altering our genes, making us less resistant to conventional medication and even breaking done our intestinal walls causing allergy's and lots of other medical problems as have been proven by an independent study. So many kids have nut allergy these days and this is probably the reason why as they have grown up eating GMOs as probably around 70% of their diet. GMOs have not been around long enough to find out the long term affects. People born in the 90's when they first came into the market will be the ones who will have problems in the future, but of course the people who make them will be dead by then and the future generations will be the ones who have to clean up their mess. The whole point of learning about history is so don't repeat the same mistakes so why are we allowing GMOs to be consumed by almost everyone everyday when we don't even know the long term affects?

  • Say no to anti-science hysteria.

    Despite all the research, despite all the anti-science propaganda and hysteria, there is no proof that GMOs are harmful. There is no reason to ban them. In fact, it's likely that GMO crops will some day get rid of famine around the world. Why would you want to ban something that has such potential?

  • The U.S. should not ban GMOs.

    The U.S. should not ban GMOs. Most of the food that is grown today is produced by GMO. Genetically Modified Organisms as farmers would call it. They were introduced to help farmers produce more of a crop without the risk of insects and pesticides destroying some of their crops. Most of our food today comes this way and to do without it would be wrong.

  • Not until we have more information on their effects

    It may be necessary to ban GMO's, but not until we have a more complete understanding of how harmful they are to humans, animals and the environment. We need information from a neutral source, not from biotech companies, that gives an unbiased picture of what they really do. Also, we need better food labelling so that consumers can clearly see which foods are GMO.

  • GMOs Help Increase Yields

    Genetically modified organisms and plants can be used to increase crop yields. This is because these crops can withstand droughts, bugs and maladies without the use of chemicals, pesticides or extra water. The United States shouldn't ban these foods because long-term studies haven't been done as to how GMOs affect human nutrition.

  • GMO's should not be banned

    It would be ridiculous to ban the use of genetic modification in relation to food science. Firstly, it would be nearly impossible to do so, since even organically grown foods are often genetically modified. It seems the real issue is with the specific process of modification, and thus far modern science has found no reason to assume these processes are harmful to human health. Additionally, I noticed that the person who voted "yes" to this question mentions a company. The company was not part of the question, but I can only assume they're referring to Monsanto (since that's the one everyone likes to hype up). In reality, there are multiple companies who produce GM crops and/or seeds, so the argument for banning them based solely on one company would not be logical.

  • It increases variety.

    If GMO's are banned we wouldn't have certain crops. The variety would decrease and we wouldn't be able to enjoy everything we do today.It also increases sales for the farmers, local supermarkets and even TNC because they are getting the best and strongest version of each crop there for they will rarely waste money on a bad batch because they have been modified to ensure the best results

  • GMO's are not healthy, but......

    If the world were to get rid of GMO's, then the world would starve. GMO's are voluntarily consumed and cheap to the everyday Americans. Not everyone in this world can afford the organic foods that i'm sure we all would rather. GMO's feed the less fortunate population of this world. Yes, North Korea does starve its people. But North Korea also is a pit that everyone wants to escape and the ruler is nothing better than dog feces. Organic is healthy, but EXPENSIVE! If the United States ban's GMO's, we will either exhaust our world food supply, or starve the less fortunate even more. It will be anarchy for food. Do Not Ban GMOs!

  • Banning GMOs would be a mistake

    I think we should at least label them for now, but overall I think there is a lot of potentials there, we just need to know more. Lots of scientists also believe we don't know enough about them. It's been shown that banning them would seriously harm farmers and would contribute more to green gases.

  • The U.S. Shouldn't ban those GMOs.

    If you're SO concerned about those foods that "destroy you from the inside", think about this:
    Those GMOs are tested for 7-10 YEARS before being availible for public comsuption.
    That testing is WAY more rigirous than organic food!
    Besides, if you want a choice in the supermarket, GMOs or organic, campaign for the government to make a law stating that companies have to label GMO products.
    In all-no banning GMOs!

  • If you're so concerned; we can at least label them

    How GMO's work is; selecting crops (say corn) that produce more harvest then its average. Now by expressing that gene in more seeds the corn will now produce more harvest. Now that we have corn that produces more harvest we can double it by selecting corn from this new and improved section and double it, and so on.
    Another way GMO's can be put to use is in the crop's health; such as the success story in Hawaii's papayas. Back before the breakthrough hundreds of papayas suffered severely from the papaya ring-spot virus, but, by implementing the DNA of the virus into the papaya; The virus was abolished.
    Now, despite all the backlash, In most cases no proof shows that GMO's themselves are actually harmful. Now that being the case; GMO's were invented to help farmers, their crops, and feed the nation

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