• Best way to keep American safe

    Not all Muslims are terrorist, but they do have a history with terrorism, just like pit bulls not all of them are savage killing machines like everyone makes them out to be but we still take precautions for our protection. Trump isn't even banning Muslims what he is doing is banning terrorism, banning the immigration from the 7 most terrorist countries. Learn your facts before you start criticizing our president, the very man who is trying to protect every single on of us.

  • Yes, but only temporarily

    I think banning Muslims from entering the US is a smart idea for a short temporary period of time. We are in unprecedented times of terrorism and I think until we have a better idea of how to deal with it we may need to take steps such as this.

  • Donald Trump: ban all Muslims entering US.

    Donald Trump, the leading contender to become the Republican party’s nominee for US presidential candidate, has called for a “total and complete shutdown” of the country’s borders to Muslims in the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attack.

    Trump made his most extreme pledge yet – in a race in which he has consistently pushed the boat out on issues of race and immigration – in a statement released to the media through his presidential campaign team.

    He said there was such hatred among Muslims around the world towards Americans that it was necessary to rebuff them en masse, until the problem was better understood.

  • 1 terrorist in a thousand refugees is too many terrorists.

    I wouldn't want a bag of candy if 1 piece gave me cancer, I wouldn't play Russian roulette with the people I love, and I would not let millions of amazing people in that had a few terrorist hiding among them. I'm so sorry but I'm not endangering my friends and family especially when there is closer countries that are on your side of the world

  • Drastic action needed

    To control the spread of terrorism. Yes, many true Muslims will be affected but it was that religion from which the bad seeds originated so don't blame Trump for wanting to try to make America safe.
    Britain should do the same whilst we are still in a position to act before being overran.
    Sadly our politicians don't have the balls.

  • The Constitution Upholds Religious Freedom for AMERICAN CITIZENS!

    "the Constitution, enshrines the right to religious freedom to everyone"

    that is false! The U.S. Constitution is a document that guarantees rights for AMERICAN CITIZENS ONLY. The Constitution is not a in any way a International treaty! There is absolutely nothing in the Constitution that says the U.S. must give anyone the right to enter the country!

  • Western Civilization Preserved

    Historically speaking, Western Civilization has long been the victim of Muslim aggression. Muslims have their own lands which they have wretched from the hands of other people. They continue to now push into the Western World, as place they have long desired to oppress. Facts are that we do not need them, we need to preserve our own cultures, peoples and civilizations; something which the ideology of Islam is fully opposed to.

  • Yes, but temporarily.

    Donald Trump called for a ban of Muslim immigration into the United States "until we can figure out what the hell is going on." I support this decision because the world is in unprecedented times of terrorism, a lot of it originating from Muslim and Islamic groups. People call Trump a racist for saying this, but remember, with a temporary Muslim ban the World Trade Center would still be standing.

  • Yes yes yes! Why wait for ANOTHER terrorist attack before we do something else.

    Islam is in direct opposition to western values. The very nature of the Muslim "faith" calls for Jihad on the infidels. Well America, we are the infidels..And unless you want to live under Sharia law in your home town..Then it's time we started playing offense on this issue instead of defense.

  • Be Offensive..Not defensive

    We must strike them before they strike us. The "virtues" of Islam fly directly in the face of America and what we stand for. All legal citizens are welcome and those seeking the right pathway are as well, but ideology that does not put America first shouldn't be tolerated. End of point.

  • Muslims need their freedom too

    The Muslims need rights to. There are about 2,000,000 muslims in the world and most of them are helpful. Muslims are like some people. The muslims are smart to. So here is what i say let muslims stay in the united states and let the muslims be free. Lets have more freedom

  • Hypocritical to the Declaration of Independence

    What did the colonists say during the U.S. revolution and on the Declaration of Independence? "ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL!!!" Which means, the U.S. is a religious freedom country. If we ban Muslims from entering the U.S. that will be hypocritical to the Declaration of Independence. Then not everyone will be created equal. Donald Trump is like HITLER!!!!!!! Hitler hates Jews. Trump hates Muslims. ESPN#C'MON MAN!!! C'MON TRUMP!! Your Brain isn't working, turn on your brain and think How Muslims are offended by you MR.IDIOT!!!!

  • Not all Muslims are terrorist...

    The idea made by Donald Trump related to banning all Muslims from the country is stupid. Just because someone's a Muslim that doesn't mean they're a treat to the US.
    Even though many terrrorist happen to be Islamic, most Muslims ARE NOT terrorist.
    ....Besides, I don't even support Donald Trump.

  • Donald Trump may have closer ties to Adolf Hitler than to an actual president

    Donald Trump has decided to appeal to one of the two lowest common political denominators in the U.S: the FAR RIGHT. These ultra-conservative individuals have a history reaching back to the 1980s-1990s. They are teaching their children an ideology of hate. That is not the point. The point I want to draw is that there is an incredibly striking similarity between the figurehead of Nazi Germany and the figurehead of the current conservative mode de pensée. This is not a critique of fascism as an ideology or a critique of even Nation Socialism. It IS a critique of American Nationalism (which, in all fairness to any potential fascists, has much to do with fascism in the first place). It is mostly a humorous comparison between two people I dislike. With this in mind, let us continue.

    In Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf, the future leader of the Third Reich outlines the difference between "citizens, subjects, and foreigners." The idea was that Germans were Germans, and others were not. Subjects are essentially immigrants. They must then undergo a process of indoctrinating themselves into German culture, abandoning all of their previous cultural ties. Hitler writes "The citizen is privileged as against the foreigner. He is the lord of the Reich." This draws a striking parallel to how Trump views immigrants to this country. As outsiders who are not culturally unified in his vision of his fascist Reich (or, American Empire in this case).

    An even more interesting comparison to make is to the issue at hand in this debate thread specifically. Trump's views on Muslims. The FAR LEFT have made comparisons to Adolf Hitler's Holocaust. This diminishes the impact of the Holocaust, and I am personally offended by such a notion. Regardless, Hitler and Trump DO actually share some of the same philosophy on religion and race. He has used some of the most careful language possible. He uses blanket terms like "these people" or "them" when referring to Muslims (to appeal to his crowd), but he never says "Muslims". He has said that "they" want to "do damage to the country", and by enforcing a Muslim travel ban (I cannot believe I am still saying the words "Muslim travel ban") we can, by extension, keep America safe. He uses nationalist language. He is describing a "foreign threat". "[T]he nationalization of our masses will succeed only when, aside from all the positive struggle for the soul of our people, their international poisoners are exterminated"

    Remember, this response was NOT made to critique the political ideology of fascists, nationalists, or national socialists; it is meant to critique Donald Trump and the FAR RIGHT Republicans of the American country. Primarily by comparing him to one of the worst humans to ever walk this planet. It is a stretch, and is mostly humorous to compare a current political candidate to Hitler.

    "Patriotism is when love of your own people comes first; nationalism, when hate for people other than your own comes first" - Charles de Gaulle

  • That is probably racist.

    Islam is a religion like any religion and it tells us to behave good and the second biggest sin in Islam is killing after disbelieving in god. Such suicide bombers are going to hell because they bomb innocent people, and Jihad means resistance and the prophet said to do it and you will go to Heaven. Jihad is fighting under an army of a country not an army of a terrorist organization like ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

  • Makes no sense

    Condemning a whole group of people for the actions of the few is wrong. We as a nation, I hope, have learned that isolating a sector of a population only creates more bigotry and bias toward the group. WW11 Japanese internment camps was a lesson learned. The media for ratings is fear mongering, which also is a distraction from other major issues we are facing. Hey look over there a squirrel!

  • Best way to solve Islamic terrorism:

    A. Enemy must be defeated with iron fist by waging all out war against Islamic terrorists all over the world. The West (Europe and America) must be united and declare war against Islamists. President Bush must issue personal letters to all government heads of Muslim world to cooperate, or face economic embargo. The West must ask all Muslim Governments to cooperate honestly and actively by issuing fatwa's against terrorists. It's not enough to say, "We despise terrorism", but must act to stop this madness by strongly disassociating with the Islamists, isolating them, arresting them, and imprisoning them without any mercy. All governments of the Muslim world must impose a strict ban on all Madrashas (religious schools) and terrorist organization formed by Islamic mullahs.

    B. All Muslims living in the Muslim nations must condemn terrorists and they must stop any association with those Mullahs and Islamic Imams who condone Islamic terrorism. They must not pray behind those Imams/mullahs who incite Islamic hatreds, and they must isolate them socially and politically. All Western living gullible Muslims must cooperate with the Western intelligence (like FBI, CIA) and provide them all sorts of information about militant Muslim's activity. Or face the backlash of host country.

    C. The West must fight the Islam ideologically. That is the West must form a multi-national committee to investigate, scrutinize, and extract the poisonous teachings of Qur'an, which do transform a simple young human into a monster. Those scholars must find out what those Muslim mullahs/Imams teach young Muslim students in the Madrashas and other religious schools all over the world. Their findings must be submitted to the governments and published in the newspapers. Open criticisms and debates of Qur'an and Islam must be permitted by all nations.

  • Should the U.S. ban Muslims from entering the country? No.

    U.S is a country where there is democratic rule and there is a government which is established by the people, for the people and of the people. The Muslims who want to enter the U.S are the persecuted persons from countries where there is total anarchy and dictatorial type of governance. U.S acts as a torch bearer for the freedom of mankind and it should allow these suffering Muslims to get a place of safe heaven.

  • That's a stupid idea

    We have Muslim secular allies fighting against ISIS with us. We can't ban our allies form entering the country. That is stupid and dangerous. P;us we should not punish all Muslims for what some of them do. If a moderate Muslim family wants to come here as tourists, immigrants ect they should be allowed to.

  • The Constitution Upholds Religious Freedom

    Aside from a great many other arguments, the basic law of the country, the Constitution, enshrines the right to religious freedom to everyone. Many laws since then have further prohibited discrimination based on religion.

    Aside from that, what about the thousands upon thousands of Muslims that are American citizens? Are they to be denied re-entry if they leave the country?

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