Should the U.S. ban or at least limit television commercials for prescription medications?

  • PLEASE ban prescription drug ads

    Watching television today, every commercial break includes a new car commercial, an insurance commercial and a prescription drug commercial. Over and over. Why should these drug companies target me directly for choosing my medication SO often. First of all, I don't personally have any health issues whatsoever to warrant prescription medicine, but my main concern is why the general population is so strongly encouraged by advertisements to shop for a car, insurance, makeup, soap and prescription medication all in one lot. Prescriptions are given by doctors, who are the only population who should be targeted by these drug companies. Why are our television channels so strongly encouraging people, SO often with EVERY commercial break, to self medicate and tell our doctors what to prescribe? The answer: it's big business ... Just like cars and insurance. It's become so obvious and SO ridiculous.

  • Patients are the wrong audience

    Doctors prescribe drugs, not patients. Drug companies should be targeting doctors with information, not selling directly to patients. Most of the TV ads waste too much time with side effects, etc which is surely there to protect from lawsuits. Also, patients bear the cost of annoying prescription drug ads which increases the cost of the drugs.

  • causes more harm than good

    By pushing the thought that someone needs this drug even though they have no medical degree backing the thought. Is just wrong! When listening to the commercial and the risks and side effects out weight the benefits by huge margins. Hmmm think the normal person will hear that with all the pretty pictures and music? Nope they dont! Besides it is actually more expensive to the US having these drugs.

  • I believe that the U.S. should ban television commercials for prescription medications, because it coerces doctors into over-prescribing them.

    Television commercials touting prescription medication should be outright banned. Not only does it lead to doctors over-prescribing medicine, but patients, after being inundated with the ads, begin seeing themselves as experts on the medication, and come to demand a prescription. Removing these ads from television would put the decision to prescribe medication back into the hands of doctors.

    Posted by: BrownDustin82
  • Yes, because it is time to stop targeting the uninformed populace with prescription medication ads.

    Prescription drugs are powerful tools. They are so powerful that we don't allow users access to them until a physician has determined that a drug would be useful and has determined the proper dose. Prescription drug ads targeting a general audience (as opposed to ads in periodicals aimed at physicians) do not have any beneficial effect on diagnosis or prescription. So, why do drug companies spend so much money on such advertising? The logical answer is so that patients will exert pressure on physicians to prescribe the name-brand drugs, even when the diagnosis does not call for it, or when a lower cost drug would be as effective. The result is higher health care spending, without a gain in patient health.

    Posted by: LuciaL
  • Yes, the U.S. should ban television commercials for prescription drugs, they are for your doctor to decide not you.

    Prescription drugs are something a doctor orders a patient to take, not the other way around. Television commercials for prescription drugs put idea's in the wrong persons mind and makes them request a drug from their doctor that they have no idea what will do to their body beyond what the advertisement told them. If a person needed that drug their doctor would have already known to prescribe it for them. Drug companies should target their real audience, doctors, not patients.

    Posted by: H_Baird
  • I agree the U.S. should ban commercials for prescription medications because the consumer is not qualified to make that choice.

    Only a medical professional can decide which prescriptions are right for his/her patients. All the advertising does is reinforce the pharmaceutical companies position to shove Med's down the throats of Americans that are far too pricey and often no better than tried and true medications that have been around for decades. For example, all these fancy antidepressant medications cost ten times more than Elavil or Imiprimine--medications that work just as well but are more trustworthy and can cost as little as $4 for a 30 day supply. Doctors get kick-backs from pharmaceutical companies for doling out these high priced pills. Advertising makes it easier for them to do this because the ignorant consumer thinks that this new pill works better and can really help them, so they ask for it. In actuality the only winners here are the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • No, I do not agree with banning or limiting commercials for prescription medications, unless other potentially harmful products are limited as well.

    Alcohol is advertised on television and children and minors watch those commercials. Commercials for toys that children then tell parents they want are aired. Even television shows for products that may not actually work are aired, and have no restrictions. I think if we start banning or limiting the amount of commercials for prescription medications, other products, if not all products, would have to follow suit. It is one's choice to watch the commercial, or to change the channel, just like with television shows. If they are bothersome or not wanted, simply change the channel.

    Posted by: WalkerFree
  • Yes. There are too many drug commercials on television making unsubstantiated medical claims.

    I believe that there should be a limit as to the amount of television commercials featuring prescription drugs. This opinion is due in large part of many often making unsubstantiated claims regarding the drug's ability, as well as, neglecting to mention (in full) the potential dangers and side-effects. In addition, I also feel that these drugs also encourage individuals to seek temporary relief, versus seeking a "natural" kind of treatment needed to produce long-term recovery effects, such as eating healthier and increasing exercise amounts.

    Posted by: Quibarce
  • I agree that U.S. should limit the television commercials for prescription medications for this may influence the doctors and make a medication "more popular" without proper reason.

    Excessive promoting of medications using television commercials may influence the "popularity" of a certain medication. This is a bad thing because the people would more frequently ask for that kind of medication and on the other side the doctors would prescript it more so they would get more of the good review from patients. This is absolutely wrong because the popularity of a drug should come from it's practical use.

    Posted by: L Frank
  • The US should not ban or limit television commercials for prescription medications, because they are just informative and it still takes a doctor's visit to acquire these medications.

    Doctors are professionals, and they are the ones that issue prescription medications. No matter what is said in a commercial or how a medication is portrayed, a doctor is the only one that can prescribe anything. Therefore, there is no basis for mandating a ban or limit on television commercials for prescription medications.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • The U.S. should not ban commercials, because we are guaranteed freedom of speech in our Constitution.

    As much as I feel that television commercials for prescription medication do more harm then good, I also feel that we have a right to uphold our Constitution. And, because of this, these commercials should not be banned. However, I do feel they should be regulated as to what type of information is given.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • No, I do not believe that the U.S. should ban TV commercials for prescription medications.

    I do not believe that TV commercials for prescription medications should be banned. These type of commercials, while sometimes annoying, can also be beneficial in the respect that a consumer may hear of a medication that could possibly help them with a particular ailment. The patient could at least discuss a possible treatment with their doctor.

    Posted by: SlayrKalle
  • So now we want government interference with uh drug commercials?

    Regardless of what your opinion is of these drug commercials, and I share a lot of your opinions as well, but I stop when it comes to demanding the government do something to ban or prohibit something. Many of you are correct in the assertions you have made regarding the issue of convincing almost scaring a public into believing they need to be medicated, for something they haven't been diagnosed with, and probably....don't have. But that's not the issue. What I take up issue with in this country, is that everytime someone doesn't think something should exist, or we are offended by something, we immediately call on the government to legislate our feelings and attitudes and opinions. Then we wonder why this government is so unconstitutionally big, and involved in every facet of our lives...when it clearly shouldn't be. There is nothing that they think they don't have the power to legislate over it's because we're always calling upon them to fix what we don't like.

  • No the government shouldn't ban commercials for prescription medications.

    What would be the point in it? The key word is prescription. It's not like the average person, or an easily influenced child, could run to their local pharmacy and abuse these medicines. As annoying as they may be, they serve a purpose. They make revenue for the broadcasting channel and income for the pharmaceutical company. Many drug companies also use a portion of their profit to fund additional research for finding cures to terminal conditions. Commercials like drug ads can also open up lines of communication between patients and doctors.

    Posted by: 5h4bbyHaIey
  • No, because people need to know what is on the market.

    Everyone deserves to know about new and upcoming medical prescriptions on the market today, along with the old, tried and true methods. By banning or restricting prescription commercials, it could create a monopoly for larger corporations. The ones that have the most amount of money would be able to buy up most of the advertising.

    Posted by: CeIIoBurke

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