• No sugary drinks

    I think that it's fair because the mayor wants us to be healthy soda just makes us get more calories sugary sodas are bad and it needs to be band.For instance,when my mom buys soda I rather drink water even hot chocolate is bad for you so if you go overboard and drink soda every day you should try stop then you would stay very heathy.That's why I think that the ban for sugary soda is good for you agree with me.

  • Freedom of choice

    They don't hurt anyone but the person drinking them so it's up too the individual, the government has no right to ban them. And America would be the laughing stock of the world if we ban soda before alcohol. The government can't control our consumption of sore without committing giant overreach.

  • Freedom to Choose

    The U.S. should not put a ban on sugary drinks. The choice on drinking sugary drinks should be up to each and every individual such as the choice to smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. Everyone have choices that have individual consequences ,but unless those consequences hurt people outside their social circle the government should stay out of it

  • People Have The Right to Drink

    There should not be a ban on sugary drinks, and the idea to ban them is terrible. People should have the right to put what they want into their bodies, and that includes potentially harmful things. Instead of banning sugary drinks, there should be an educational campaign to instruct people about healthy alternatives.

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